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Maria Theresa Maternity Photo shoot Set 1

Location: Lakeshore Pampanga, Mexico, 2021 Pampanga
MUA: Vanessa Ong
Main Photographer & Director: Daniel Lei Studio

Thinking about a maternity photo shoot, I can picture the mom and her baby bump most of the time, but this set we did for Maria Theresa and Ian is quite different. The dad was there all the way, I personally find it very magical and amusing seeing this couple who are close friends of mine sees the pregnancy as something they share wholly with each other.

The scene give us the thought that maternity is not only about the mother carrying the baby in her womb, but it is also about the father providing all the love and the support as her wife goes through the joy and challenges of pregnancy. It tells us a story of a couple making all work for their baby and family. Such a beautiful story to witness and capture.

Maternity Photo shoot-8078
Maternity Photo shoot-8067 Maternity Photo shoot-8063 Maternity Photo shoot-8062 Maternity Photo shoot-8057 Maternity Photo shoot-8056 Maternity Photo shoot-8054 Maternity Photo shoot-8052 Maternity Photo shoot-8051

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