Hi Guys!!! I am on YouTube sharing my bakes while I can't travel. I am featuring my cute meringues and buttercream cakes there, they are so artsy that they might be able to uplift your mood or creative juices!! Kindly help me reach 1000 subscribers! I am trying my best to upload once a week.


Maria Theresa Maternity Photo Shoot Set 3

Location: Lakeshore Pampanga, Mexico, 2021 Pampanga
MUA: Vanessa Ong
Main Photographer & Director: Daniel Lei Studio

Maternity Photo shoot-7900
Maternity Photo shoot-7957 Maternity Photo shoot-7924Maternity Photo shoot-7945 Maternity Photo shoot-7938Maternity Photo shoot-7956Maternity Photo shoot-7929Maternity Photo shoot-7922 Maternity Photo 
<a data-flickr-embed=Maternity Photo shoot-7905

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