Untitled love story.

We first had a chance to know each other over coffee.
Less we know, we are becoming a compulsion to each other on coffee breaks.
Then decided to go out for some lunch together,
Less we know, we are becoming a compulsion to each other on lunch breaks.

We knew were close then when we first agreed to a trip.
It was a stormy day – but nothing could stop us anyway.
We sailed the sea of huge waves and strong winds.
For some reason, we never felt fear, perhaps because we were with each other.
Each travel we had told us a lot about who we are and what we can become
It makes us realize how opposite we are in many things and perspective of some.
Despite that, we still see each other back on the road together.
We might fight and argue, but walking with each other still remains the last thing we want to do.
We never had the normal story of monthsary,
Because really we became us, unknowingly
This we had is just like a wild flower on the road
It grew one day, bloom away without any condition or confirmation.
We love it this way, weird but with no weary
To each other, we are both warm and solid travel buddy
We would love to take this journey
To every place where we can build a treasure box of untitled love story.

I’m in my mid 20’s and been to almost #'s of relationships before. All of which only lasted for four months at most. But this one whom I traveled with has been the longest – 5 years and counting. Five years of not just love, but also respect, acceptance and trust that we keep on learning while we held each other’s hand on the road. And if there is something very unique and fascinating on each and every destination that we’ve been - I would definitely say that it's us.

This post is my entry to Pinoy Travel Bloggers' Blog Carnival for the month of February 2014.


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