#WhereToNext : Cebu City for Mother's Day.

One of the occasions that we always love to celebrate is Mother's day, this is because we are living far from our Mom who's been with us all the way even after we had our own living. Last year, we totally forgot to prepare a thing for mothers’ day because of our hectic schedules. Usually, me, my sisters and cousins would book a flower and chocolate delivery for my mom, auntie and grandmother or send some small gifts but last year we only managed to greet them. Hence, this year we are catching up with the three women of our lives and thought that we should take them for a vacation and give them a few days break from their overwhelming day to day tasks.

Last December we opened a discussion on where they wanted to take a vacation for summer. They showed some interest in visiting Cebu City to meet some relatives and visit Simala Temple. I thought it was a great choice; Cebu has a diverse tourist destinations to choose from, they have historical places, beaches, waterfalls and even caves. Apart from that I’ve been also meaning to take another visit to this beautiful province. So, Cebu it is, we made sure to book them ahead to save the best dates we have. Now, we have the flight details, next thing I need to fix is the accommodation.

Talipanan Beach, Puerto Galera Travel Guide.

Photo grabbed from my IG: @8teen7

Although Puerto Galera is a famous destination from Metro Manila and its neighboring provinces, I still stumbled upon many who’s been asking about how to get specifically to Talipanan Beach and how much it would cost. Perhaps because the White Beach, Aninuan and Sabang are more famous than this little stretch or they just never heard of it.

Like what I’ve mentioned on my previous post, I just saw a photo of this beach in Instagram and then I took a snap of it together with the location then decided to have the trip. Planning and travelling here is as simple as that as well, below are the details of how to get to Talipanan to guide you.

Salagdoong Beach, Maria, Siquijor

Travelling Dumaguete - Siquijor-6594

One hour plane ride from Metro Manila and a couple of hours boat ride will take you to a paradise of not only beautiful beach but beautiful people, of not only warm clear water but warm and welcoming hearts. A happy place. A spot here is called Salagdoong Beach,  the image of this beach was the first photo of Siquijor that made me buy a ticket. The clear water and the white sand was very inviting plus their famous cliff jumping spot and slide that you'd surely wanted to see and maybe try. It was a paradise I thought I must see and experience and it didn’t fail me.

Siquijor Accommodation – Tori’s Backpacker's Paradise

Travelling Dumaguete - Siquijor Accomodation - Toris Backpacker's Paradise -6665

Tori’s Backpacker's Paradise is located along San Juan Beach Siquijor, its location is one of the most accessible places from the port area with public vehicles and it is known as a place perfect for sunset viewing. You see how pretty and dramatic the sunset reflecting on one of the Tori's room glass door?

I contacted Tomas four months ahead, he is the owner of the Inn and he manage it with his wife Ria. It was such a pretty good decision to make a reservation way ahead because I learned that they are always fully booked during November until May and they only have 6 rooms available.

Ours cost us 500.00Php for two, unlike the other rooms, it is more spacious and has its own Toilet and Bath. The room is very basic but clean and very relaxing. It has almost everything you need, seats, corner table, an electric fan and working shower. It could have been complete with a small dresser where you could place your things, then mug and heater for morning coffee specially that their bar opens as late as 8am. Ria said though that they are still going through a lot of improvement since they just took ownership of the place for 6months on the time of our visit.

Here are some photos of the room that we rented. I still think it was a very nice choice and would still consider this stay on our next visit.

Talipanan, Puerto Galera

Talipanan Beach, Puerto Galera

Lately I’ve been craving for beach, light sand, some sun and a good skinny dip. Lately as well, my likings and plans are becoming quite unpredictable maybe because I am scared to plan something that my job and studies can screw up which will leave me frustrated at the end. So instead, I just go to whatever time permits.

This month, I was granted with a vacation leave which means long weekend for me. Originally, I should have climbed Mt. Pulag, but something (something that I was able to finish ahead) in school came in that I needed to back out. So the climb was cancelled and yet the long weekend is pushing through.

A day before Friday – start of my vacation, we gave a ring to some of the resorts in Talipanan, Puerto Galera. Most of the numbers just rang and no answer. We were able to get through a contact number in the list, few rings and a middle aged woman picked up the phone. Her name was Margie - wife of Meng, the couple who owns Mengie’s Lodge where we were able to reserve a fan room for three nights.