Going YESSS, YAMAN with my 4 Pre-Loved Items!!

Hot coffee, cold weather and lying in a comfy coach certainly sounds very relaxing but if I were to choose, I'd definitely want to be on the road somewhere far. Good thing is that I am now starting to learn how to play with the days when I need to stay at home and focus more on some other priorities. Now I can make every minute worth, bringing back my childhood love for crafting!

If you were following my Instagram account you would notice that most of the dress and accessories I have posted were all DIY. I love crafting not only because it takes away my boredom but also because it is where I can channel my ideas, thoughts and moods. Not only that; being able to create something I particularly adore allows me to own a unique and very credible pieces that might cost me a lot if brought at the store. Plus it could be a very good source of income! Does any of that ring a bell? Going YESSS, YAMAN!


Most of the items I made for myself were sold just right after few uses, selling it entices me to do more and with a more unique and challenging items. Selling them is easy, I brought some at the office and some are already reserved by some friends. Now I am up to selling four of my personally crafted items through OLX.ph!! Check them out.

Macau – Macao: I haven’t had enough of you.

Macao - Macau travel one day tour

Macau (in modern Portuguese) or Macao (original Portuguese spelling) is one of the two special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China, along with Hong Kong.

Macau is located less than two hours of ferry trip from ports of Hong Kong, making it a famous side trip destination after HK visit.

Like many does, on our visit to Hong Kong we decided to spend the last day in Macau. From what I really knew, at first a day is enough to tour the City yet I haven’t had enough of in that short trip. Maybe because I am not fond of all the casino scenery and I failed to stay up to night time where the lights of the buildings is a must witness show. But if I would be asked if I would like to go back again then I would say yes, perhaps on a two-day trip. I wanted to visit the bear sanctuary, the old villages (which are great since we manage to pass by a few), the street food, and the black coast at the far end of the island; which are far from the center and would require a little time.

AYALA’s Style Origin Fashion Show

With the country’s most celebrated taste makers, and fashion industries foremost names and voices, the country’s leading lifestyle and shopping destination re-energize the local fashion scene with its finest fashion selections as they present Style Origin.

Ayala style origin fashion Show  2Ayala style origin fashion Show  1

The fashion show opens shopper’s eyes to the latest fashion design from 33 Global Filipino Designers and fashion artistry. It let us appreciate art and provide awareness that these fashionable pieces are within our reach – right at Trinoma. Apart from that, the lifestyle series successfully showed that anyone can pull off great looks with the right attitude.

I was able to attend part of the event and experience its grand first hand, now time to share some snaps I got from Mensweek.

Hong Kong Day 2 - The Giant Buddha and Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cable.

Hongkong - Macau travel itinerary-5257

On our second day in Hong Kong our first struggles were about food, we are craving for a rice meal breakfast and yet we can’t find a single store selling one. I woke up at 4:30am (which is really ridiculous for such bed-y weather) and roamed around for breakfast and was really happy to catch a McDonald’s store open 24/7. But the store doesn’t have any rice meals which we think we need most for the entire day, so I had a bowl of soup instead which is already good for me but not for my other two companions.

We rode a bus to North of Lantau as we originally planned because we want to experience the trip and the view going there and were not interested of taking the cable car back and forth. The trip was quite far, it took us about two hours, the road and the view was a treat and the price is cheaper which makes it a very good choice.

Summer Mini Giveaway – Sandbox at Alviera Tickets

The SandBox Alviera Porac Pampanga-4876

Haven’t had any summer adventures yet or maybe want some more? I already had one early summer adventure at Sandbox at Alviera and we had so much fun. They offer really exciting outdoor mechanical amenities such as the famous giant swing, the roller coaster zipline as seen on Kris TV, free fall, wall climbing and more.

So plan your mini adventure this summer of anytime until March of next year! I am giving away 2 (Package A) Sandbox at Alviera Tickets to one lucky winner. This pass is valid for a year since April 2014 and includes the following: