Nagoya, Takayama, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Osaka - Budget Itinerary & Expense

It's apparent that Japan is one of the most interesting vacation destinations , however, it is also one of the most expensive countries to visit making it very difficult for average earner to make this dream come true. Like many of those who have been dreaming about a visit in Japan, it took me some time to think about the budget too and to save for the trip; hence, I made sure that we get the most out of our budget.

I know there are few who've been looking forward to this since I have been asked a few times about how much did we spent in our 11 days DIY winter trip in Japan, and as promised here's the most awaited budget itinerary and expense with bonus tips and guides.

My 11 Days DIY Japan Winter Trip Highlights

All smiles because it's not just our usual holiday vacation but a long Japan winter trip! After months and months of contemplating about the budget, we finally were able to make that dream come true last new year.

During the planning, we focused more on major places to visit and expanded the planning from there. That time I am sure about Shirakawa-go and Jac is sure about Kyoto, making it easier to plan because both are easily accessible from each City; though later on we’ve figured out that accessibility is something you need to worry last.

So, the initial plan was, Nagoya (entry, they have the lowest rate for plane tickets), Takayama (Shirakawa-go and Shinhotaka Ropeway) then head to Kyoto and Osaka (exit). Initial travel duration was 5-7days but after we got our visa and started scouting for the flight tickets we didn’t find any better fare rates that we can call reasonable considering the location, time and expenses. We also calculated fares (trains and buses) and ended up thinking that the prices were too high for just a short travel period.

With that, we decided to go for an 11-day trip to Japan!!!! And we were so excited that even now as I am writing this, I can still feel the giddiness I had back then. 11 days in Japan may sound crazy and scary but it was all worth it! And to share some highlights about that 11days, here is the summary.

Cultural experiences in Italy that you wouldn't want to miss.

I T A L Y and more: @ghayleee 

Italy is one of the few countries that is steeped in history and boasts of endless adventures and unique culture. The history of Italy can be traced back to the 1st century BC. Because of its unique location and being the center of the Mediterranean trading routes, the county has witnessed a long and tumultuous history. This is what makes Italy unique and different from other tourist destination in terms of culture and adventure.  It was in Italy where the Renaissance revolution began, and the country has been the birthplace of the most famous artists ever. Thus, it is no surprise to see the country rich of magnificent artworks and ancient treasures displayed in its museums. Look forward to some authentic cultural experiences and start planning your holiday. Make a booking in some of the top rentals in Italy and look forward to a journey and experience you have never had before.

My ETEEAP Journey (My Experience in Summary)

My most favorite portrait to date :)
Holidays make me write, and because I am so excited to put this story into writing and finally share to those who need motivation, let me fulfill this long overdue post about my Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) Experience. 

For the past months after publishing my first entry about my ETEEAP Journey I already got a lot of feedback and questions pertaining to the program and its requirements. These questions range from very high-level scenarios to specific technical requirements and every time I get a message with these questions it makes me feel happy knowing that this blog can inspire readers beyond traveling. To date, I am trying my best to help by answering questions but as much as I wanted to cover them all for good, I simply can’t because policies and requirements may vary per school and courses.

What I can offer though is a brief summary of what I’ve gone through, from here maybe you can get an idea of how you can create yours. For the specifics, find the time and do your research, call the school of your choice and make these things be a part of your journey because it all starts here.

My ETEEAP Journey – STUDY while you WORK hard and PLAY harder (Part 1)

It’s getting late but I am not yet sleepy, currently counting days to my graduation. Just earlier I had my graduation pictorial and just cleared almost 95% of my requirements and I am definitely on my way to it. The feeling is surreal, I can’t imagine how long the journey was and I am finally marching this May, I am still hyper and overwhelmed right now so let me use my energy to create something that might be very useful and a life changer to some.

This is going to be long, but if you want to finish your school without leaving your job or sacrificing all the time that was left to you after your work then bear with me, this article is for you.

Four years back, I called my uncle who was a Professor and told him that I want a diploma but I don’t have time to go back to college and got limited savings for it, he told me that my only way was to go back to school. Now, I have some money in my pocket but literally don’t have time, so I thought there must be some way for professionals to finish their studies without going through all the regular students’ work.

I started searching for Open Universities and alternative education program but nothing fits what exactly I am looking for. I can’t commit to open universities because of the demanding nature of my work plus it can get too expensive and there will be too many subjects which will take longer to finish for someone who doesn’t have the luxury of time.

(You might think I am looking for a shortcut, which is kind of true but I’d say that the best word for it is “perfect alternative” because I am supporting my family and my siblings’ schooling, I also wanted to work on my career path and growth, while at the same time juggling all my musings like maintaining this blog, taking care of my travel bug bite and my much-needed photo walks and sartorial gigs from time to time.)

It took me a while of researching about school programs before I stumbled upon Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Acceleration Program (ETEEAP).

What is ETEEAP?

Ang sagot sa mga gustong makapagtapos ng pagaaral pero walang sapat na time, dahil may work, family, friends, aura at lovelife :). At para sa mga na reject sa work at promotion dahil hindi degree holder. Char lang pero totoo!