Romantic Transfiguration Chapel of Caleruega - an inspiration

Romantic Transfiguration Chapel - Caleruega Church-1472

Everyone has their own sets of inspirations, and it’s nice to see how people could come up into something great and amazing out of it.

When I first had my class in fashion school, our first task was to create a mood board. Then we were taught about the techniques for selecting and using something to stimulate you to start creating a masterpiece.

Back then, I already knew that bridal gowns are my favorite, but I don’t have a lot to inspire me other than the trend and my bride’s liking. However, soon after the first wedding gown I've made I found something that I never thought would draw so much desire to create bridal gowns in the future. And, that inspiration are churches.

For some reasons, my travel musings would always include visiting churches. For example, I wanted to visit Spain and Italy, mainly because I wanted to see Basílica de la Sagrada Família and Domo Milano. I am stirred with the church’s facades, interior and ambiance that imagining my work worn on a wedding in those churches could give me some goosebumps.So whenever I found a beautiful church the first thing that will come to my mind is a wedding in that church with a bride wearing my piece.

In the Philippines, I am inspired by numbers of churches from different places, like the gothic century church called San Sebastian Basilica in Manila and the historical Santo Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church in Miagao, Iloilo.

Last year, I was able to cross out Calaruega Chapel from my list of what I call “churchspiration”. Thank you to my friend for entrusting her wedding gown to me, it was a huge pleasure.

Beauty that's a click away!

It’s been nearly seven months since I had my regular 9-6 job and I am still adapting to the sleeping time and the daytime rush that I have to deal with every day.

Sometimes, I wish that going to and from work during the day is as easy as the night travels, but it’s just not it and I guess it will never be. The extended travel time and rush hours exhaust me to bits and since then, it has reduced my time to do some other things.

One trouble that I have was finding time to buy some things that I need and I want, especially those small things that we often miss. In my case, those are lipsticks and other makeup related stuff – not that they are forgettable, it’s just that I am not much into them. I simply get lazy by the thought of going through all the cosmetic stores at the mall to pick small piece of makeup.

Hate it or love it, I need some colors on my face. I always believe in the importance of not only acting but also dressing & looking the part.

Good thing that these days almost everything are just click away, last month I did my kikay shopping on BeautyMNL.

Entourage: Red Bridesmaid Gown & Champagne Maid of Honor Dress

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Last quarter of 2015, I was invited to be part of my college friend’s wedding. This is the first time that I am not only making the bridal gown for the bride, but would also do my own gown as a bridesmaid and my college best friend’s dress who is the Maid of Honor.

The wedding's motif was red and I've been loving this daring color for quite sometimes now making the designing part more exciting. Just imagine, I’ll be designing my gown in my favorite color.

For myself, I created a lavish fishtail or mermaid cut gown that fits my sensual personality. The upper part is made of lace while I crafted the bottom with metallic tulle.

Fishtail dress is way more challenging than I though it took me several adjustments before I was able to get the fit so I find the experience as a very good opportunity for me to practice. Apart from that, I also tried to do a corset typed top for the first time, it didn't turn out to be exceptionally good but I think it wasn’t that bad for a first timer. :)

Burot Beach, Calatagan Batangas

Accessible beaches from Manila

Burot Beach is one of the most accessible beaches you could go to from Metro Manila. It took us about four hours to get there due to heavy traffic in Dasmariñas Cavite and a stop at Tagaytay where we took our lunch.

Past 1PM when we arrived at the entrance gate, we stopped at the guard house and our driver paid for something, we also signed a waiver affirming the full responsibility of our safety as we enter the premises. Then another few minutes to the shore, it was a very remote and quiet route that it made me think of an exciting day having a beach all for ourselves which was easily changed by the sight of the crowds as we arrived the site.

Right after settling our things in one of the bamboo cottages, I went around and took a stroll. It was a warm weekend and the salty wind makes me feel like its summer in early December. Burot beach is a beautiful place with wide shoreline where you could spend a relaxing dip or sunbathing. After a long and tiring day, you can indulge yourself with a good chat or perhaps a cold beer while enjoying the splendid sunset. Burot beach is facing west, hence its always a good place for sunset chasers like me.

Where to stay in Koronadal City: Greenstate Suites


While my friend always refer their place as Marbel, google always return the name Koronadal City in all my searches. I too had some confusions about the two names worrying that I might have booked at the wrong place, thanks to some good sources. Both name refers to one City, in the past locals called the poblacion as Marbel from the B’laan word “Marb-EL” that means murky waters which refer to a river now named Marbel River; while Koronadal is believed to have originated from two B’laan words that natives used to describe their place, these words are “Koron” means Cogon grass and “Nadal” meaning plain.

Koronadal City has surprisingly good number of accommodations to choose from, we originally plan to stay at FB Hotel but they were booked for a cultural event on the same date of our trip so off we checked for another place. Greenstate Suites was from a friend’s suggestion, she mentioned that it was clean and reasonably priced which we’ve discovered true.