HK Tai San Guesthouse at Harilela Mansion - Our Hong Kong Stay

Tai San Guesthouse Harilela Mansion- Hong Kong Accomodation

HK Tai San Guesthouse was from a friend suggestion, they’ve been in Hong Kong a couple of months prior to our trip. That friend mentioned this hotel to be situated nicely near the TST MTR station, has an affordable rate that suits for budget travelers, clean room and nice attendants which happens to be a Filipina on the branch where they stayed – Burlington Branch.

I initially look at tripadvisor and some blogs for review and found out that mostly are really good feedbacks. So I called them only to know that the specific branch I am aiming in Burlington was already fully booked. It didn’t surprised me much as I was already warned about this, good thing Ken, (I guess he was the owner) provided me an alternative. He mentioned that they have an available unit for four at their Harilela Mansion Branch it’s just that we need to transfer to another room for our last night accommodation. The second room is right at the same level of the same building so I agreed to his offer.


Summer Adventure at Sandbox Alviera.

Giant swing -15

Last week in midst of my busy schedule, I got a very tempting invite for an advance preview of  a newly built Adventure Park inside the 1,125-hectare property of Alviera in Porac Pampanga called Sandbox. I am quite fond of safety adventures but I rarely attend to media events specially this far, this time was different though, my curiosity on their published amenities really won. I personally thought that I could try the giant swing, so I immediately confirmed my participation together with my two companions.

Saturday, after our graveyard shift we went straight to Trinoma Mall where the service van provided by the organizer was located. The trip took us about an hour and half to reach the venue. Tired of the trip after shift, we first freshen up and had our breakfast to make sure that we have the energy enough for our chosen activities.


Hong Kong - Macau Travel Guide and Personal Notes

Me and mah sisters Hongkong - Macau travel itinerary-4695
Last month we finally had our first out of the country trip, I shared this exciting adventure with my sisters and Jac. I planned the entire trip and we agreed to have a free flowing itinerary to savor the culture and the place.

During our stay in Hong Kong, we have encountered a lot of our kababayan. I even experienced a tagalog speaking vendor at the Ladies Market which made realized how many of us have been to Hong Kong and Macau and most were already a frequent visitors of both countries. On the other hand, I also observed that we still have these significant numbers of people who’s going to do it for the very first time, perhaps their first out of the country – like us. I am having this article for them. Hong Kong-Macau Travel Guide and Personal Notes includes all the things that I observed to be very helpful for first timer when travelling and getting around in both Hong Kong and Macau. I will also publish the daily itinerary we end up following, soon after this article.


Cheaper Alternative for Hotel Accommodation in Eastwood City, Quezon City.

Alternative for hotel accomodation-185042

Finally :) I've been meaning to share this find I had last holiday. November last year when my sisters and I decided that we want to be with the whole family on holidays. We then booked them a ticket and planned ahead for the activities that we can enjoy, one of the activity is to attend New Year countdown together. Since holidays meant critical working days for most of the BPO employees instead of a vacation, we agreed to spend the countdown at Eastwood where we are also working. That way we can proceed to work after the countdown.

The challenge is that hotels were already fully booked couple of months ahead and even motels were also running out of rooms. Even suites aren’t available, I also tried searching for condo for rents yet most of them preferred those longer leases like five days or more.  It takes a lot of patient and time looking for a suitable place which is preferably just within the vicinity. I chanced upon Travelmob which I am not familiar with, they offer some good choice of rooms with short term rentals (shorter than five days). I was very reluctant at first but I am running out of choice so I did contact one of the hosts and ask for rates and basic information. The host whose name is Angelica was prompt in responding on my queries and concerns and that somehow ease my doubts.