UNIQLO's 20th store in the Philippines.

Holiday fuss is what occupies most of my thoughts right now; the things I need to fix for Christmas and New-year, the company events, the gift giving and the heavy traffic while having no time to waste. Despite all that, this month is still my favorite season of the year as it is equally exhausting and fun - specially the part where I shop for my dear ones.

Shopping gifts is easy this year as I opted to be more practical and chose to take advantage of some off-the-racks sales for my family. One of my favorite brands is Uniqlo, I like the quality of their fabric and the wearable designs which are sold in an affordable price. No wonder why it was hailed as Japan's number 1 retail clothing apparel brand.

For those who are living in Santa Cruz, Manila, good news for you all. Uniqlo’s 20th branch is now open at the Upper Ground Floor of SM San Lazaro last December 5, only after it opened its first store in the country last 2012 at the SM Mall of Asia.

Our own share of Siquijor’s moment of peculiarity.

Lucid dream: This photo was taken five in the morning while we were having our leisure walk at San Juan beach in front of Tori’s Back Packers Inn. The calm sea, the colors of the seaweeds that cover the shoreline, the glassy water, the pinkish clouds, Tomas' dog that came playing with us like we’ve known each other since then, it all seems like a lucid dream.

Siquijor - the healing paradise. The island known for its residents witches and shamans, of talismans and potions, and of nights lit by fireflies. To my surprise it was never like any of those when I experienced it. Everything was just calm, happy and vibrant. The warmth smile of the locals are very inviting, the white sand beach and its turquoise water, the nice road and the peaceful environment – it all almost made me felt as if I was bewitched. There were no creepy looking people, I have not noticed anyone tapping someone else’s shoulder and passing their course like what usually happens in the port on my Siquijornon Aunt’s stories, not a thing sinister in the dark night, no ghostly happening but only a strange instance of a hot sauce that exploded all by itself, the sauce shattered all over the place and much into my face making me look like a vampire while the bottle flies for about two meters away from the bar. All that happened while we are having a good chat with some foreign backpackers, we are sharing thoughts of why we are visiting the island and sharing our own piece of disbeliefs to some of its exaggerated supernatural lures.

A short lived vacation at Bolinao, Pangasinan

Hi my little world! Been a long time! I’ve been unexpectedly busy attending top priorities in line, however, I felt really blessed to have been given a chance to hit the road for a quick trip. That is the main reason why I am back right here.

bolinao pangasinan trip-33

Today, I'd like to share my recent vacation trip in Bolinao, Pangasinan. I originally filed a vacation leave last year for coron, later September when we realized that I filed a wrong date for my vacation leave. So, we decided to cancel our Coron trip and move the date for our convinience.

Tired of planning, I decided to go straight north for 4days and 3 nights. I thought of visiting Bolinao and Hundred Islands, but at the last minute we ended up cutting the trip shorter to 3days and 2 nights which causes us to drop Hundred Islands from the plan.

Cancelation of our Coron trip and cutting Pangasinan trip shorter was really annoying and frustrating, but I realized that its part of the growth and path I chose so I just might as well play it with all the strength, grace and balance. Anyways, I’d like to focus more on what I had in Bolinao – a short lived vacation but really a good one.

Macau – Macao: I haven’t had enough of you.

Macao - Macau travel one day tour

Macau (in modern Portuguese) or Macao (original Portuguese spelling) is one of the two special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China, along with Hong Kong.

Macau is located less than two hours of ferry trip from ports of Hong Kong, making it a famous side trip destination after HK visit.

Like many does, on our visit to Hong Kong we decided to spend the last day in Macau. From what I really knew, at first a day is enough to tour the City yet I haven’t had enough of in that short trip. Maybe because I am not fond of all the casino scenery and I failed to stay up to night time where the lights of the buildings is a must witness show. But if I would be asked if I would like to go back again then I would say yes, perhaps on a two-day trip. I wanted to visit the bear sanctuary, the old villages (which are great since we manage to pass by a few), the street food, and the black coast at the far end of the island; which are far from the center and would require a little time.

AYALA’s Style Origin Fashion Show

With the country’s most celebrated taste makers, and fashion industries foremost names and voices, the country’s leading lifestyle and shopping destination re-energize the local fashion scene with its finest fashion selections as they present Style Origin.

Ayala style origin fashion Show  2Ayala style origin fashion Show  1

The fashion show opens shopper’s eyes to the latest fashion design from 33 Global Filipino Designers and fashion artistry. It let us appreciate art and provide awareness that these fashionable pieces are within our reach – right at Trinoma. Apart from that, the lifestyle series successfully showed that anyone can pull off great looks with the right attitude.

I was able to attend part of the event and experience its grand first hand, now time to share some snaps I got from Mensweek.