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Our hearty take to Japanese street food - Okonomiyaki.

A year and 8 months from the time we were placed in quarantine, from the time that we've heard that we will be on a lockdown, from the time many have started working from home, buying online and cooking dishes. Our story is one those many stories of corporate workers who are used to after shift casual eat-out and weekend travels, ended up working at home with MS teams as tambayan and catch-up venue.  I can't remember how we even survived the past months of fear, stress, and uncertainties, all while trying to adopt to the new norm. All I know is here I am now, writing this new article on my blog, to document my thoughts and our new adventure hoping that all of you are well and safe and is there silently visiting my blog, reading my stories like before and if time permits randomly shooting short messages via fb messenger.  I know! I've been working on so many adventure that were/are not travel related. I've done baking and pastries, tiktok (even) and cooking, but right no

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