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Italy is one of the few countries that is steeped in history and boasts of endless adventures and unique culture. The history of Italy can be traced back to the 1st century BC. Because of its unique location and being the center of the Mediterranean trading routes, the county has witnessed a long and tumultuous history. This is what makes Italy unique and different from other tourist destination in terms of culture and adventure.  It was in Italy where the Renaissance revolution began, and the country has been the birthplace of the most famous artists ever. Thus, it is no surprise to see the country rich of magnificent artworks and ancient treasures displayed in its museums. Look forward to some authentic cultural experiences and start planning your holiday. Make a booking in some of the top rentals in Italy and look forward to a journey and experience you have never had before.

Attend the carnivals

Venice celebrates Carnevale during February that culminates in Mardi Gras. The origin of the two-week long festival can bet raced far back as the 12th century. Millions of visitors arrive here each year. Enjoy special the candle-lit gondola parade, or buy tickets to the most glittering balls. Watch people wandering the streets and side canals, dressed in elaborate costumes. Another famous carnival is the Carnival of Viareggio that lasts for a month. There are celebrations, parades and masked dances. Be there for the Carnival of Ivrea, a traditional carnival that is one of the most ancient carnivals and showcases the struggle for freedom. Carnival of Satriano di Lucania takes place in a small town and draws many locals and tourists. With the display of ancestral masks, it is one of the most evocative Carnival of Italy.

Explore the art and history

Exploring Italy is like taking an outdoor class in history, wherever you go, and no matter what city, there are magnificent architecture and historical monuments to see and visit. One can always join short courses in art history in English which are offered by the British Institute of Florence. All one needs to do is stroll down the cobblestone streets of famous cities, and they are sure to come across outdoor art galleries. Be a part of Medici Archive Project where you can visit the quaint hillside town of Dozza and decorate the facades of buildings and houses with contemporary-style murals. Admire the breathtaking Amalfi Coast from the cliff-side gardens in Ravello or enjoy looking at the artistic riches in Venice that houses the most extensive collection of Titian art. Umbria’s newest vineyard is a unique architectural masterpiece which has been designed by Pomodoro. Admire the architecture as you sip Sagrantino at the Tenuta Castelbuono winery. Another good idea is to bike through the hills of Ferrara in Emiglio Romagna and enjoy looking at those castles and palaces in the countryside. You can also attend the world’s oldest biennial exhibition of international contemporary art at the Venice Biennale.

Photo Credit: IG @ghaylee

Photo Credit: IG @ghaylee

Enjoy the Opera and music

Roman amphitheater remains one of the best-preserved examples of how the ancient Romans enjoyed their music and theater. Located in Italy’s north in Verona, enjoy spectacular opera performances in one of the world’s most spectacular amphitheater. Opera classics in Lucca will allow you to understand the musical genre in Italy from the 16th century. During the Verdi festival, that takes place every October, the melodies of Verdi at the opera in Parma sweep away its audiences to another world. There’s nothing quite like experiencing the interactive opera by Musica a Palazzo that stages evening performances in Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto. Feel the walls vibrating with every soaring operatic note in a palatial home.

Embark on a culinary journey

If you have not tasted Italian food, it means you have not understood Italy completely. Thus, you must understand its food culture, and there is a lot more to Italy than just those pizzas and pasta or the lasagna. Each region and city in Italy is famous for own culinary traditions. Naples in the south is famous for its pizzas as well as the hearty truffle-based dishes. Ciociaria region overflowing with unique food traditions, and here you can learn to make food from the finest local ingredients.  You can learn to make and taste delicious Italian pastries like cannoli and cassata. Throughout April and May, Puglia Sea Urchin are harvested on the shores of San Vito, and this is the time to indulge in the unique delicacy. Look for authentic delicacies you are sure to find in small rural towns.

Photo Credit: IG @ghaylee

Enjoy special events and activities

Tuscan city of Siena carries on age-old trading and holds bareback horse race twice a year. The race takes place in the city’s Piazza del Campo and lasts for about 90 seconds. It is indeed a unique experience to be there and feel the excitement.  Participate in the colorful parade of the Corteo Storico which celebrates the customs, history, and power of Siena. You can visit Umbria for harvesting truffle and enjoy those truffles, also known as the black diamonds of the earth. Milan is the place to be during the Fashion Week and to enjoy the glamour at its finest. Get an elegant dining experience and dine like Hemingway on the island of Torcello. Going to Torcello is like visiting the haunt of artists, musicians, writers, royals, and dignitaries. You can take a guided ghost tour to discover Venice’s other haunts at dusk and enter an era of mystery and mayhem.

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