My ETEEAP Journey (My Experience in Summary)

My most favorite portrait to date :)
Holidays make me write, and because I am so excited to put this story into writing and finally share to those who need motivation, let me fulfill this long overdue post about my Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) Experience. 

For the past months after publishing my first entry about my ETEEAP Journey I already got a lot of feedback and questions pertaining to the program and its requirements. These questions range from very high-level scenarios to specific technical requirements and every time I get a message with these questions it makes me feel happy knowing that this blog can inspire readers beyond traveling. To date, I am trying my best to help by answering questions but as much as I wanted to cover them all for good, I simply can’t because policies and requirements may vary per school and courses.

What I can offer though is a brief summary of what I’ve gone through, from here maybe you can get an idea of how you can create yours. For the specifics, find the time and do your research, call the school of your choice and make these things be a part of your journey because it all starts here.

2012: Learning about ETEEAP

- I stumbled upon ETEEAP while searching for an alternative education program
- Upon learning about it, I did all the research and necessary readings to start. Below are some helpful links:

- The same year when I gathered all the requirements that I need:
  1. Personal Documents (NSO Birth Certificate, Government issued ID…)
  2. School Documents (HS Diploma, TOR…)
  3. Employment Documents (COE, ITR, Compilation of Job Description…)
  4. Certificates (Certificate of participation and/or attendance to workshops and training)
  5. Certificate of proficiency (There’s no specified format for this but any certificate that will prove your proficiency in a specific discipline, like PMI Certificate for Project management or LSSYB Certificate for process improvement. I got mine in a letter type format that states all the proficiency needed to fulfill my role and had our HR head, Department Head, and my manager signed it)
  6. Awards (Employee Loyalty award, kudos cards…)

2013: Finding my School

- I first submitted my application to one of the colleges in Metro Manila, I’ve met with their ETEEAP Coordinator to personally discuss how the program works at their college. However, the program wasn’t that popular and I have to wait for a number of applicants before I could proceed. Time is gold, so I looked for another school.

- Manuel S. Vergara University was on top of my list but I decided not to pursue due to its accessibility

- I contacted Lyceum of the Philippines University and spoke with Ms. Rochelle Raymundo, she’s heaven sent, she screened the soft copy of my requirements and invited me for the nearest scheduled Panel interview which was two days from the time I contacted them. Board screening cost me Php5,000.00 non-refundable fee (Please check with LPU for updated Rate)

- I PASSED the interview (Panel was composed of internal and external assessors, Cebu Pacific’s Head of Marketing and Business Development, and the Chairwoman of LPU together with the Deans of at least three departments)

2014 – 2016: Road to graduation

- I took the major subjects two at a time since LPU only gives you three months to finish each of the enrolled subjects.

- After two years of completing my major subjects, I started working on my General Education Subjects. GE Subjects are a bit toxic, it will require you to read and do what regular students usually do. 

- Some Snips I had along the road to my dream march haha

2017: Crying times (Tears of Joy)

- The most hectic, difficult and expensive year of my life so far!

- Printed and reprinted hundreds if not a thousand pages of research papers and thesis

- Spent thousands from Uber and Grab rides because, no-sleep, safety, time and multi-tasking that time is life

- Life starts at 5 am and ends usually at 2 am coz education is life and ekonomiya is lifer!!!

- Some Snips to give you an idea of what makes this a journey that I will treasure forever

Many have asked, is it hard? Is it expensive? Is it a long process

And my answer is 

It is WORTH IT! 


  1. You have done so much work. Very impressive! Love that you shared your experience.

  2. Question lang po, sa tor ba ng eteeap nakalagay lang kng ilang years lang pinasok mo sa school? Or ilalagay din nila na 4 yrs? Kc nakita ko sa iba yung diploma nakalagay Bachelor of Science so curious ako sa TOR

  3. Question lang po, sa tor ba ng eteeap nakalagay lang kng ilang years lang pinasok mo sa school? Or ilalagay din nila na 4 yrs? Kc nakita ko sa iba yung diploma nakalagay Bachelor of Science so curious ako sa TOR

  4. Just to verify... with regards to the panel interview... does the interview is all related to the course that you are applying for? what if i want to take up BS Broadcast Communication but I don't have any experience in that field... will that affect my assessment?

    1. Hi Lyza, yes that should affect the assessment since ETEEAP is a comprehensive educational assessment program at the tertiary level that recognizes, accredits and give equivalencies to knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values gained by individuals from relevant work.

  5. Hi, I would like to ask if magkano po yung inabot niyo na tuition?
    I am looking some schools din po kasi with ETEEAP and I prefer LPU po. Thank you :)

    1. Hindi ko na maalala how much exactly, perhaps roughly 100k pero that's for the entire time na nasa ETEEAP ako.

  6. Hi! Very informative po yung mga naka-mention po dito. Thank you! One more thing po, meron ka po bang atleast copy of your Certificate of Proficiency in letter format po. Pwede po kaya pa-share? Salamat po.

    1. Hello, not sure if you were the one who messaged in my Facebook page, but in case you don't have it pa, shoot me a message -

    2. Hello po,,,congratz po sa inio.. Interested din po ako.. pde rin po ba ako makahingi ng certificate of proficiency?

  7. hi , bakit a po umabot ng 2 years ? aabot ba talaga ng 2 years yan ?

  8. What if maam hindi mka pasa sa interview?

  9. Ano po yung mga tinanong nila during interview?

  10. hi im planning to enroll din for eteeap ng lpu, aabot po ba ng 100k ang course ng eteeap?


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