A Quite Weekend In Batangas

Nakakamiss mag picture, nakakamiss din mag blog. In an era of overflowing content, sometimes we simply want quiet. Amidst the noise and people desperate for attention, we occasionally seek a place away from it all. Recently, I enjoyed a tranquil weekend at Punta Verde Resort in Batangas. 

It had been a while since our last long drive, and I was initially skeptical due to the weather radar predicting total cloud cover with a 30% chance of rain. However, the experience turned out to be a refreshing break. We drove through SLEX, took the Batangas-Ibaan Exit, and continued along Batangas-Taysan Road. While I’m uncertain whether I’d recommend this route for sedan drivers, we made it through just fine. Along the way, we also passed by Malabrigo Lighthouse.

The place was surprisingly quiet even on weekends, which was exactly what we needed. However, I found the frequent trips up and down to the beach a bit tiring. Thankfully, there were two large infinity pools to accommodate those who weren’t up for tackling the 200+ flights of stairs. If I may, I’d recommend opting for accommodations closer to the main area.

We opted for a longer route on our way home, fearing that rain might catch us in the challenging spots along Batangas-Taysan Road.

Here's to more weekends like this! 


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