Where are we in times of pandemic?

 A week before the pandemic, I flew back from an 11 days Japan trip. Touching down in NAIA at 4am, I was dying to have a coffee but had to head home because we don't have the energy to carry our baggage around. We were so tired yet so happy and fulfilled. Little did I know that a long travel hiatus is about to begin.

March 16, the Community Quarantine was announced. We were happy that we get to work from home. A week passed by, then a month, then today as of writing this - is almost a year already.

So where was I for the past months? Like many of us, I am home, safe, healthy, and grateful for many things despite what's going on. I really wish you feel the same from your safe spot as you read this.

The days passing by were difficult. It is never easy to stay positive and uplifted especially for me. This is the longest time that I haven't traveled since I learned how to walk, I guess. But we got this, we have to find things that we love in order to survive.

"Dogs, and Children, will often find something to make their own, and will look after it, love it and care for it. That feeling a dog has when it hides its bone. Or a child, its heart thumping as it looks lovingly at the toy by its pillow. That's a kind of strength I would love to have" Shigesato Itoi, copywriter/CEO - Hobonochi

As for me, I have gotten by the last year jumping from one interest to another, trying to find my little space of happiness on things around me. I tried TikTok, if you have one please check mine - @tinyartcollective. I also went from cooking, dancing, working out, then I learned how to bake.

This is interesting, I never owned an oven though I have been really a fan of cakes. I never thought I can create one. It all started when I saw a meringue in IG, it is bright and joyful looking so I thought I'd love to try it. I was surprised to have been relaxed and released doing it. So I tried a few more, unlocking new techniques, one after the other. 

To date, I have my YouTube channel to document my journey. If you are into art, or sweets, or baking, join me there! I'd love to hear from you too, so please drop a comment if you have time. Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmLW6u4o_P12LYz59U4WnLQ

I feature my meringue there.

And lovely buttercream cakes.

Currently, I am doing new content every week, so please check my channel, subscribe and connect! :)

Keep safe!


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