Smiley's Wings and Waffle!

Last week end while at the mall we had a stop to Smiley's Wings and Waffle where the waffles and wing made in perfect combination. I just realized I want to write down something about it as it’s not something that we usually find in some food houses.

Smiley's Wings and Waffle place was just a stall at the east wing of Robinsons Galleria right in front of Crowns Entrance. Despite of the few table the place was still comfortable since it was located in the rare side of the mall.

There are meals such as wings with rice, wings and waffle, wings only and waffle only. We pick 3 “Good Ol’ American Favorite” it has 1 waffle and 2 wings meal. You have an option to choose for the flavor of the chicken wings.

Nuclear! Chicken Wings Extremely Hot! DIPS:Blue Cheese

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings
Cajun Chicken Wings
Smokey Bar-B-Q Chicken Wings
Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings
Cheesy Garlic Chicken Wings
Teriyaki Chicken Wings (one of our pick)

Plain or Classic (one of our pick)

For the waffle you can chose from plain or chocolate flavored and we got both.

First look at the translite would give an impression of super light meal that you can't even think of getting full so we decide to add their Smiley’s treats. It has a one waffle and toppings combination. This time you’ll going to have additional choice for waffle flavor.

Banana Waffle
Choco Nut Waffle
Choco Chips Waffle (one of our pick)
Classic Waffle (one of our pick)

Some of the treats Smiley's Wings and Waffle have starts at Php.75.00 you can also add some toppings with additional cost or be enthusiastic to make your own combination.

We add up with two of Smiley's Treat.

Banana Luca it’s a combination of Banana waffle, vanilla ice cream, fresh banana, peanut butter and butterscotch.

Tropi Carla (4 Toppings) it’s a Banana waffle, vanilla ice cream, strawberry, mango, kiwi, cherry, maple syrup.

And our meal was completed by their butter milk shake and we added caramel on it.

Our Smiley's Wings and Waffle experience was good and fun. My first impression of a light meal was wrong as we were already full before we even finish eating our waffle and chicken wing. We were able to eat the Banana Luca and were already full enough so we decided to have the tropi carla for takeout and headed home.

More of Smiley's Wings and Waffle menu here.

<3 much Christeen



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