Jacuzzi and Steam bath at Lake Agco Resort (The Mahomanoy Resort)

If you are at the mountain top and one of those who caries their thick jackets because of the cold wind; then you might miss the excitement of soaking yourself on the water. I admit I am one of them, I easily get cold so I don’t usually jump in the pool when it’s cold but not this time. It was so nice for Mahomanoy to retain the way the old pool was built in this place.

Before Mahomanoy Resort, there was already a mini hot and cold pool right beside the main lake which is still visible up to now. This Jacuzzi was placed meters away from the main pool where the cottages are located. You have to pay an additional 10 pesos to enter, it is also where the Steam bath is also located.

Same as the first pool built near the lake it uses the natural hot water and cold one from the streams around. First thing that you’ll notice here is the smell of sulfur that is coming through the water vapor, its natural as the hot water contains this chemical which was more likely a sweat of a sleeping volcano.

This pool is very hot at first, so you have to soak your feet first and get used of the temperature and later you can have your entire body down in the water. According to the natives this mud pool has some therapeutic effect and bathing on a hot spring will help us sooth our tired muscles and aching joints, cure our wounds and skin tissue problems as well as rheumatism.

Such a nice place to relax!

The Mahomanoy Resort’s Steam bath.

The Steam Bath in Mahomanoy Resort is one of the few things that I can't do in more than 5 minutes. According to them this one is relaxing but for me, it is kinda suffocating. It is known to many that the sulfuric steam from the volcano have this magical therapeutic effect to our health and have been said to heal some illnesses. For those who want to experience this then you shouldn't leave the resort without trying to go inside the their sauna.

Inside the Sauna is a boiling water from the hot spring that supply the sulfur steam. Since the steam has a high sulfur content, the smell inside is not that pleasant thought this part will guarantee you sweating in just few minutes. A lot love this place and I've seen some who stayed there for more than 30 minutes, good thing there are mini chairs inside for them.

Though I din't became fun of this I would still think that this is nice thing to experience.

So are you ready to discover and experience it? Learn how to get here!

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