Lake Agco Kidapawan City North Cotabato (Socsargen)

Lake Agco or Lake Agko is one of the famous destinations in Kidapawan City. Some call this place as Eden of Kidapawan which it is indeed and no wonder because it is located at the foot of Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines, towering at 10,311 feet above sea level. This paradise is a home of 272 birds species more than 40 percent of which is endemic in this area, a home of our national bird the Philippine Eagle. A place that was covered with countless numbers of flora species.

Lake Agco is one of the four major lakes in Mt. Apo including Lake Venado. Aside from the difference in location which Lake Venado stands elevated at 7200 feet above sea level and Lake Agco stands elevated at 4200 feet above sea level making it more accessible to tourist. Lake Agco create a difference from the other three as it is a steaming blue lake from which you can see and smell the boiling sulfur from the lake itself. Around it is the amazing collision of hot and cold springs.

Base on my own experience I would say that this place is a paradise that hopefully will not be ruined by the growth of tourism and commercialism which goes together. I love visiting this place, taking away so much pleasure of being able to witness the real beauty of the nature and indulge its explicit serenity.

Lake Agco's boiling mud lake is evidence that Mt Apo is a volcano, the water is heated by the underlying volcanic vents to near boiling point and is rich with minerals such as sulfur, which is known tothe indigenous people with its medicinal value. Lake Agco is where hot and cold springs converge and support Mahomanoy Mountain Resort as its main source of water. The lake together with resort built with in its vicinity created a unique ambiance of a virgin and secluded paradise. This lake was considered to be the manifestation of earth's natural energy and its power of creating various physical and biological effects that becomes a treat to its visitors making them feel of being pampered by Mother Nature.

I’ve only been there thrice but every time I was there I really feel like heaven is just beside me. The cool wind and the sounds of the water falls and singing of birds are incredibly relaxing. The place was far from the noise pollution of the city life; it is way too far from the haggard view of urban life. I would highly recommend this place for campers and those that want to experience a different level of calmness other than being in a beach, those who want to experience the therapeutic effect of this place and continue indulging the view and wonderful things around such as steam from the calm surface of the lake reaching towards the trees around.

Blossoming flowers.

Ferns around the corner.

And for us who enjoys the walking on the woods this is a great place to do it. Now wondering how to get here?

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  1. I recently visited Lake Agco and it was such an adventure! I most especially enjoyed the jacuzzi and the boiling lake. It was truly an amazing experience. Will find time to go back there with my family!

    1. Hi Christine :) glad you had a wonderful time there! We will be back in Lake Agco next month and hope you can do the same soon.


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