Momarco Resort (Tanay Rizal)

Jac and I were heading east from Manila for an out of town trip. Our destination, Momarco resort in Tanay Rizal. It’s one of the places that make it to our list of favorite weekend and summer getaways. We are aiming for a nice place that is accessible from the Metro Manila.

The first time we get to Momarco resort, we thought that the two hour ride from Manila is quite long for something that we've only seen in the website and reviews, but we patiently went our way because this resort really seems so nice for a silent day away from the city. We both are not familiar of the place but the website provided a guide that made it easy for us to get there. It is quite far so if you are a fan of long rides then you may not mind it.

When we get there, the quite place, beautifull landscapes and friendly crew welcomed us.

Momarco resort have four pools in the resort if I am not mistaken; one of which is really huge compared to some resort around the city. We enjoyed the manmade waterfall and there is a mini lagoon just beside it. Then a pool which is a foot deep only and have medium sized stones as a flooring -- I don't know how you call it but I am betting it’s something therapeutic, once you’re in that place you'll felt the stone flooring massaging your feet.


Once tired of the water then you can get dressed and enjoy the food at their cafe, I can't say that they have excellent food but for the price given it’s so worth it.

Pleasant food house.

After eating we still had a chance to walk around and see what’s on Momarco resorts mini zoo -- which is really nice for the kids where they created colorful landscapes from which kids can feel comfortable with the animals.



They also have a nice place for a conference and wedding venue! I can't even imagine that such place exist after a tricycle ride through a small way going to this place, but I guess not today because we got an information from one of their architect that a concrete road were already built for customers convenience. I appreciate how this Momarco resort really makes an effort to create this place for everyone.

Other thing I admire:

They have accommodation quite far from the pool so I guess it wouldn't be that noisy for those who want to take there rest.

A clean and nice comfort, shower and dressing room near the pool for the benefit of day tourist.


Almost all cottage where large enough to accommodate 10 persons each.

Homiee ambiance.


For someone like me who demands for a nice view, clean and comfortable accommodation, good food and silent place to relax Momarco resort was just at its best.

Ready to take the ride going to Momarco? Learn how to get here!

PS: When we got there the management was also trying to develop a tracking and bicycle field that sporty people would surely enjoy.

Momarco Resort
Tanay, Rizal
QC Office 0917-8513623 / 0928-55953064740912 / 4277068 (telefax)
Tanay Office0927-8229865 / 0918-9429873Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm.


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