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Hi everyone, senyorita lakwachera is more of a confuse blogger right now ha-ha I really meant this blog to be a travel and food journal and will have a touch of my style. But lately my personal view on my blog doesn’t seem to go the way I planned it. I am seeing much of my style that is coming out of my post. Okay – so I am trying to make myself fit for it, I am trying to learn “how to” and the best way to learning is learning from the experts.

Before, I only knew and admire few fashion bloggers like Laurine Uy, Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Devine Lee and few more but through the day I’ve been reading I have found more and more talented and beautiful bloggers on the rock. This made me felt so shy and out dated. Well I am busy, so that is my excuse.

exciting famouse favorite pinay fashion bloggers
kryzuy.com one of my favorite stop :)

While on the road of getting to know fashion blogging I stumbled upon good and beautiful blogs, I would say interesting one. I am so happy to know them coz they will surely be an inspiration for me. I can name three as of now because but I have sighted a lot of beautiful bloggers but haven’t read much on their blog yet.

Ms. Eggplant Chronicles

exciting famouse favorite pinay fashion bloggers

Fashionista Commuter / http://www.anagonzales.com/

Aie’s shoes
exciting famouse favorite pinay fashion bloggers

If you can suggest a blog to read please leave your comment and I would be excited to visit themJ. In the mean time I should say that pinay fashion bloggers truly rocks!
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  1. Nice blog! Thanks for the comment! and Beautiful skirt in the last photo! I have not the legs for that! ;)


  2. the first jacket wow! the pattern is gorgeous!
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Have you tried or happened to visit ThePlumPinay? They share interesting posts, you may want to check out their blog: http://www.theplumpinay.com/ :)

    ~Pauline @Kallony


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