Fashion Illustration and Pencil Rendering

Too much on my Polyvore addictions J!
Some of my follower already knew that what keeps me awake in the midst of boredom is sketching. I’ve been in a long process of learning how to do colors, long soft line and shades. Today I will share something that I am confident of doing and its pencil rendering.
This design was made for the 18th birthday of my cousin last year.

On my previous post I mentioned that when I am sketching I reach my full satisfaction seeing the drawing in black and white – all carbons and that I felt reluctant to color it because I am afraid that it might just ruin the sketch. So what I actually did since I already noticed that my strength is on pencils; I made and tried several sketch using pencils alone, which includes the coloring part.
It becomes easy and comfortable for me to do the details and effects and honestly I love this way of sketching, easy and flawless with strong marks.

Hope you love it! Until next time, see you around <3


  1. Good job dear! Love the colors you used too! Hope you come and visit me soon! xo -Taj

  2. Thanks for following us! Let's keep in touch!
    Your sketches are amazing! Art!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. @Taj - thanks dear!

    @Jayme and Mendi - You are very much welcome :) see you around!

  4. great sketches! loving your blog--amazing style pics and enjoyed the photos. new follower, and hoping to stay connected. cheers! :)


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