Tour to the Queen City of the South – Cebu City.

Magellan's Cross

The province of Cebu was haled one of the most visited place in the Philippines, it is the place where the oldest city in the country is situated – Cebu City. The province is also known for its product like dried mango, otap, guitar, daing and more, they are the home of Sinugbo Festival a festival for Sto. Niño. When I was a kid I can clearly remember how Magellan’s Cross in Cebu City looked like in the our History book until my grown up days the colorful Sinugbo festival goes so inviting. Later I have seen much more reasons to visit Cebu, like the white beach at the north side of the province and the old churches and old houses.

Alegre Guitar Factory

So having some chances to travel I went down to the south to see this City. It wasn’t my first time in Cebu I’ve been here before but I haven’t had a chance to see the City, I am maybe so young that time that I thought reaching the City is enough. Well that is fine; I have my chance to make it this time.

Fort San Pedro Cebu.

It was an accident jumping into this travel. It was actually the Crowns Regency Skywalk adventure that brought me to this trip. I was browsing online when I saw their promotion, the date fall on a very special date before my birthday so I decided to grab the promotion and purchase a ticket. I want to make the most out of it because it is no way to say it’s worth paying all the airline tickets and hotel when you only want to experience the skywalk and there is a lot more exciting things arround.

Basilica del Santo Niño

We tried looking for some City tour but it is a bit expensive for our budget so we tried to read some blog where I gained the idea of bringing a map and touring the city by ourselves. Looking for a map is quite a challenge as I can’t find one that seems to be appropriate so what I did is created my own using Google and marking my target destination from where I have a clear perspective of which are the places to go first and which would be the next. The map was so helpful and I will share it in my next post.

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral 

Colon Street

I never thought of this trip to be that wonderful as it ended, I have much of plans for Boracay and really have a few planning for Cebu. I am a bit confident here as I speak its native language – I can converse with it properly so asking is not a problem. I planned not that much not because I am not excited, I am super excited – sobrang atat! I just felt I want to make this trip as light as it can; I want to be free of pressures and bounderies of the stuff listed in our itinerary.

Heritage monument.

Our trip in Cebu ended so well, we had an adventure and misadventures. I felt so at home, it is so close going home in my own our province. I was able to buy something for my family and officemate.

Shamrock Pasalubong Center

This trip had given much of an opportunity to be a traveler than a tourist. It made me realized how wonderful it is to hear the stories from the local and walk along the road. To sit and rest at a random place, those misadventures are not always frustrating, having no itinerary doesn’t mean missing a spot like I always believe.

Yap-Sandiego, ancestral house

Casa Gorordo

I guess we have done a few for two days compared to the original planed because we took so much time in making our moment in one spot – hehe like the two hours “tulala” moment at the Metropolitan Cathedral and almost an hour watching people lighting their candles at the basilica. No regrets though we enjoy each and every minutes in Cebu, we will be back soon to see some other place that we missed and by that time I’d like to see the white beach at the northern part of the province.

Taoist Temple

I find time to create an itinenary and post it to help. I will also include the map that will support it.


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