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A place to eat, shop and chill in Ortigas! Tiendesitas.

Eat Dine and Shop in Tiendesitas near Ortigas IMG_5898
Enough for the travel and fashion post. I've been very busy these past few days and haven’t find a decent topic to post. I am into some projects to be done aside from the work I have and this blog, this makes me really stressed and hungry a lot of times. Speaking of which I remembered that I've been wanting to share one of our destination for an eat-out in Tiendesitas.

Tiendesitas is three minutes away from our place – so no wonder we usually go here. But aside from its accessability, this place also offer a wide variety of food from a lot of stall. You can have choices from kebabs to fine dining resto’s around.

Anyhow – the last time we ate here was with my pretty little ladies at Jose's Goto. We originally planned to eat at the mall but our stomach felt like we need more one cup of rice but we were in a tight budget back then. So we opted to go to Tiendesitas instead.
Eat Dine and Shop in Tiendesitas near Ortigas IMG_5897

Eat Dine and Shop in Tiendesitas near Ortigas IMG_5887
 While waiting for our order :)

Comes the food!

Eat Dine and Shop in Tiendesitas near Ortigas
Pork barbeque with egg and fried rice, lechon kawali, tocino with egg and fried rice, pork sisig with egg and fried rice, fried chicken with egg and fried rice, a barrele of fruit juice, crispy dinuguan, sweet chicken barbeque (one of their best food - taste like a chicken hamonado) and ofcourse the Jose's Goto!

Eat Dine and Shop in Tiendesitas near Ortigas IMG_5903
For the six of us we spent 700.00 plus, and had some left over that we take home? ha-ha so we still have some left in our pocket for a little shopping around the tiange.

We enjoyed taking sometime on pet shops.

Eat Dine and Shop in Tiendesitas near Ortigas IMG_5916 Eat Dine and Shop in Tiendesitas near Ortigas IMG_5915

Eat Dine and Shop in Tiendesitas near Ortigas IMG_5919
Leizel playing with a baby phyton.

Eat Dine and Shop in Tiendesitas near Ortigas IMG_5921

the one really looks so cute as it smiles on the camera!

So for those who were looking for a place with Pinoy's best food and products in Ortigas you may want to check Tiendesitas. There are still some activities you can go for after eating and shopping like live band performances every Saturdays. This place is good enough to eat, shop and chill. :)
We ended the night watching the cutural show by diffirent local tribes.

Eat Dine and Shop in Tiendesitas near Ortigas IMG_5908

Tiendesitas is located at:
Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue Cor. E. Rodrigues Ave. (C-5)
Ugong Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines


  1. yummm i want some! and i love reptiles

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  4. I love spending weekends in Tiendesitas. I buy my t-shirts there coz they have cool selections and very affordable. :) I love food tripping there too, exactly like what you ordered here minus the dinuguan. :)

  5. That place looks really amazing, I'd love to go there one day. Apart from the spiders, they looked totally creepy!

  6. Ive been to Tiendesitas but that was ages ago. I love the place and the whole Filipiniana theme.
    But I'm afraid Im not in favor of selling animals such as the ones on the pic =(

  7. @Kristeta - I would have to agree with you on selling them. I am fun of them, like seeing one and touching but I never thought of owning one. I would love to have them back to the forest where they really have to be.

  8. nakakagutom ang food!! and i find the spiders cute!!!

  9. this makes me really hungry!! :) got to make a dinner :)

  10. All the dishes featured are my favorites. And Leizel on the other hand is simply courageous. ^_^

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  15. I love your pictures!!!I am new to blogging and I'm having a giveaway. Please check it out. I am following you now, hope you return the follow. =)

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  38. So Pinoy foods! The spiders are creepy...


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