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Fort San Pedro Cebu City.

Gate of Fort San Pedro Cebu City

Fort San Pedro is located inside Plaza independencia two blocks away from the Sampaguita Inn where we spent our first night in Cebu. We went to Fort San Pedro late afternoon, at first I was kind of reluctant to go because I want to visit it in a high day light aiming to get a nice photo. Despite of the time and nearly doomy surrounding my photo-shoot went well! Ha-ha NAKS!

Plaza Independecia Fort San Pedro Cebu City
View in Fort San Pedro Cebu City 3

Fort San Pedro was built from 1565-1738 through the labors of indigenous cebuano under the command of Miguel López de Legazpi and Spanish Government; it is the smallest bastion fort (per readings). Segway - for those who know me and have read about my previous post  would posibly notice my huge love or say interest for old stuff like ruins. When we entered the entrance my first impression was “mini Intramuros” disregarding the residence area, commercial building and schools.
entrance of Fort San Pedro Cebu City

pillars of Fort San Pedro Cebu City

Currently this fort is one of the famous tourist destinations in Cebu City. I personally enjoyed this place and one of the most interesting part was the museums where where some relics from war were kept and taken care of. The original writing of katipuneros was placed for public viewing (what I can say is – Andres Bonifacio’s hand writing is way better than mine hahaha).
relick of war in Fort San Pedro Cebu City

war relics Fort San Pedro Cebu City
I also find something that amused me much as fashion lover; it is an old cloth that was use before in war. Please allow me to discuss it on my next post; it is something that you may want to look forward to. For now just check if you are familiar of this flag.
Spanish flag in Fort San Pedro Cebu City

Yeah that is an old Spanish flag that was taken by one of the crew members of Admiral George Dewey During the Battle of Manila Bay. There are still a lot of  interesting things inside but it is all for you to find out. We still have few hours left so we went up and see some gun emplacements; unlike the guns found in Corregidor and Intramurous the one's in here are smaller.
gun emplacement Fort San Pedro Cebu City
guns of Fort San Pedro Cebu City
photography Fort San Pedro Cebu City
view in Fort San Pedro Cebu City
view in Fort San Pedro Cebu City 2
photograph - Fort San Pedro Cebu City 
I like the view at the top which was converted into a park with some benches for who just want to sit, relax, enjoy the view and have some good chat.

me at Fort San Pedro Cebu City

Commuters Guide:

For those who want to visit Fort San Pedro, if your are around Magellan's Cross then it is already in a very walkable distance from where you are ( a couple of blocks ). Asking the exact direction base on your location from the locals would save your time and budget.

Plaza Independecia Fort San Pedro Cebu City 2

Note: Asking is free but the bottled water is not. :D
Have a nice day every one! xo-


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