Breaking my rules for the two!

As I’ve been telling about my plans of finding and getting a new job I also made this promise of keeping my pocket tight to any expenses that includes shopping as I know that finding a job wouldn’t be easy. Well I’ve been successful on my rules for two months now keeping my self away on personal shopping. But that was just until today. I currently have quite a number of subscriptions on fashion online stores and magazines. I browse them when I am bored and they serve as my free vogue mag (as one may be too expensive for me). Earlier when I am reading through my mails I stumbled upon Romwe’s  mail with floral theme. I love floral dress but the sunglass below took my attention.

Whenever I saw this rounded shaped sunglass I always remember Lennon’s Sunglass  and felt –

Geek and weird

But at the same time so stylish!

So – here’s mine from Romwe, I checked it and the price is something I can deal with without ripping of my budget.

But, before adding to cart I also found out that one of the sunglasses I added to my wish list a month ago is already in stock from which it only has 9 pieces left. So I am turning on those two sunglasses when I remembered that I still have 7 dollar discount code – so when I did check and verified that it is still available, I thought that this Prada Animal Barouque Sunglass look alike is an excuse.

I got the white one as I am not that confident of carrying the animal prints sunglasses which is closer to the once that I originally saw last 2011 worn by Riahna.

So I got two and will be right at my door steps in few days from now. At this point I have no regrets for breaking my rules just excited for the two! Anyways, I endded up paying for only 10 bucks for two sunglasses since I have my 7 bucks discount from Romwe; has $5 from Social Sparks pay out and Romwe’s charging nothing for standard deliveries.

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Broke same rules too? Hehe let us share same thoughts.


  1. Love, love, love the 3rd picture!! :D Amazingg! Those sunglasses are so stylish :)

  2. Gary Oldman in "Dracula" wears the same but blue! :D

    1. yeah! remember it. its a bit oval though :)

  3. I wish you luck for finding a new job :)

  4. really like your blog!
    take a look at mine
    and follow or leave a comment if you like it :)

  5. This kind of glassed definitely rock! I wish I could wear them, but they just don't suit me, such a pity!

    I bet they would look great on you!

    Xo, Imke

  6. I need sunnies... Urgently..

  7. good luck on a new job and hey, sometimes we have to break our rules!!

  8. Wow.. freelance? Hirap ng walang work... and i might be back with the same old PLANTRONICS.

  9. looking forward to your photos wearing those lovely sunglasses Christeen... :)

    ...and good luck on your job hunting. :)

  10. I love round-shaped sunglasses, but unfortunately they don't look good on my face...

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  11. I adore these sunglasses - great post!


  12. Really cool sunglasses! I want one too, but I'm not really sure if I could don that kind of look. :)

    BTW, good luck with your job hunting!

  13. I'm loving the circle lens!I wanted Rhianna's when I saw them when she was on vacation!I'm glad I found your blog!I'm a new follower!

  14. I loveee the first sunglasses!!!
    I'm a new follower;)


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