Snapshot: Im sitting next to an Angel.

In traveling, one of the most wonderful sights is the people, the smile and the unique sounds of their tongues. Once in our travel, I sat next to this little boy - son of our boss. He’s from India and like many; he has very beautiful round eyes with long curved lashes. I just can't stop staring at his eyes, lips and perfect nose. I can't stop staring so I took his portrait - a snapshot of an angel next to me :).

 Im setting next to an Angel. Faces, People, Photography, Portrait, Snapshots, travel enjoyments, travel faces, travel encounter and experiences, What I love the most while travelling and in travelling, this inspires me to travel more.


  1. aw hes so cute! great picture too


  2. amazing photo you really captured his spirit in the photo.

  3. Such a beautiful kid! And I totally agree about seeing and meeting interesting people when traveling or just when people watching! :)

    1. I guess that is one of my fave take homes after each and every trip?


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