Birth Place of late President Ferdinand Marcos' - Home of Motherly Story

Our Laoag City tour’s second to the last destination was at late President Ferdinand Marcos' birthplace. This house is small compared to many of the ancestral houses that you’ll see when touring Ilocos but If I am to weight them then I can say that this has an equal value like those of other big houses.

September 11, 1917 - In this small house that was laid half concrete-half wooden in a very simple municipality in the northern Philippine Islands the young Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos was born. Despite of the oldness and lack of maintenance I am astonished to see some photos of the old family, the room where the late president was born and some original furniture of the family, the togas that they used in their graduations and most of all the old pajama of 2 year old Ferdinand Marcos. At first glance you won’t even think that the kid in that clothing will actually bring our country's name to tabloids all over the world.

Since this house doesn’t have any guide who can give you information, they nicely framed some stories that are worth reading. This way you will see the family as who they were before everything was covered with black and white impressions from unpleasant political issues the late president had left before he passed away.

If there is one thing that really marks me in that house is the copy of Doña Josefa Edralin Marcos letter to President Cory Aquino appealing to see his son to say goodbye before she pace to her death. Unfortunately the ailing request of the old Doña was declined up to her very last breath – a sad and painful story of motherhood.

``My dying wish, the one thing that will put a smile upon my lips when I leave this world, is to see my Ferdinand by my bedside as I say goodbye to all of you who have been part of my mundane existence.``

``May God bless you with all the compassion, understanding and the undying love of a mother to her own child, especially at the sunset hours of my being,``
``Pray grant me this wish . . . as one mother to another for the love of all.``

On the lighter note, it's not just sad stories after all since it's been generally educational. Good to know things that we usually don't read on the books.

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