Our stay in Tagaytay (Lake Garden hotel)

When we went to Tagaytay, I first asked a friend on where did they stay when they went there. Her answer was plain and simple “there are a lot of accommodations there – a lot that you don’t have to look for it because it will come your way. Well trust those who've been there right? So I’m not putting pressures on it and good thing I didn't because its true – there were a lot of accommodation to choose from depending on your personal preferences.

The first  room we checked was from a local home owner offered by the tricycle driver that we hired to Picnic Grove, the room cost is five hundred which is good for 2-3 persons. The room is very basic and good enough for the value, though this home stay is not bad and cheaper than affordable; unfortunately we want something more comfortable accommodation we didn't like the smell of the cigar smoke in the room and deem lights so we moved on and look for some other place to stay. 

The Second was a hotel right across the  Picknick Grove Horseback riding area, it seems nice so we went to check the price and room availability, unfortunately this hotel seems to have no staff since there were nobody in the front lobby.

The third one is the lake garden hotel, this hotel is 3 minutes walk from Picnic Grove entrance. When we went in the helpful front desk staff gave us their price and let us check the available rooms. The room looks clean and they have nice beds, the AC is working well as I've checked and the bathroom is in perfect condition so we decided to stay here.

The Lake Garden Hotel base on our experience is a nice place, we had a clean room that can accommodate four but they allowed us to have an extra pax without additional cost so we only paid (Php3,000.00 / room / night) since we don’t need an extra mattress. The staff were helpful and accommodating though the girl called someone she said was a licensed tour guide which later I found out to be a tricycle driver trying to offer a package going to the lake –please be vigilant when dealing with them because they will say everything to pursue you. We ended up not taking the Boat and Hike to Taal Lake and spent time relaxing at the hotel instead. As for the food, there is a small table where you can eat and they don’t charge corkage so you can bring as much food as you want.

Before We checked out, a guy was assigned on the front desk and he is kind enough to give us directions and information about south ridge where one of our target destination, Bag of Beans, is Located. He also thought as about the Php10.00 regular fare and the way to Peoples Park.

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  1. I want to go to Tagaytay someday.. :)

    1. That would be a good idea this summer :)

  2. I love Tagaytay. Will go again in Tagaytay this summer. am excited. | Tagalog Love Quotes

    1. Hi Reyn, we are too :) this time we wanted to take the horseback riding to the crater of Taal :) hope you enjoy!

  3. Blessed day!
    Hi Christeen! :)
    Thank you for your post.
    It's really helpful.
    Btw, do you have a contact number of Lake Garden Hotel?
    I can't seem to reach them.
    Thank you so much in advance.

  4. Thanks for this. We went last January in Tagaytay, we stayed at One place tagaytay suites. It's expensive. haha. We should have long patience in finding affordable tagaytay hotel. Next time, we'll try this hotel.


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