Rocking the Road to the Peak!

Boracay Island is not only known for its white beaches and grandiose resorts perhaps these brings more activities that you can indulge while you are at the island. While most of the people in the island is enjoying the crispy early morning sun, soaking at the white beach. We opted to go for something that will warm us up for another long day ahead. Jac and I, both love to try out this ATV thing despite that we don't have any background in driving - this is our chance to take a bite of experience.

I've only driven a bicycle but I am thinking that it'll be a bit different so before riding we made it a point that we have all the necessary information to run this big guys toy safely.

First try. Then on the way rocking the road to the peak!

Yay! I must admit that this is one of the coolest activity here. We went to what they call as the highest peak in the island - the Mt. Luho View Point, Jac and I chose to have the single car instead of the buggy cars since both of us want to drive and neither one of us wants to be the passenger.

I enjoy strolling at Mt. Luho View Point where big corals formed castles are displayed. They have some pets like hyena and a few kinds of birds. We also enjoyed watching those tourist enjoying parasailing at the other side of the island - they may look so tiny making their emotion and motions invisible to your naked eyes but seeing how high they are and how far sailors are taking them is enough to be able to relate their enjoyment. We would love to try parasailing too but we don't have much time so I guess we will be reserving this on our next visit.

Okay after several minutes we need to drive back - it's quick but its fun. Something that I suggest you try when you get to visit Boracay.



  1. I like the title of this article. Very creative! We always make sure to bring our personal guests to Boracay's Mt. Luho whenever we have a chance. But we have yet to try this ATV thing.

    1. Thanks :) Mt. Luho is a must see place and an ATV going up is really an experience that your guests will surely enjoy :)


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