Lime 88 home of Street food na Pinasosyal.

I myself can rarely be found in a resto-bar type of food house since I bid goodbye to my drinking and smoking habits. It’s a personal choice with the exceptions to the big events like company party. That’s why the first time I saw the place, I unintentionally misjudged it. The photo of the place looks like a common drinking (inuman) place – it’s a house turned resto by the way so there is an air of barkada nights at the friends’ house. I browsed their Facebook page and saw the concept really interesting, the usual street food presented and cooked in a cleaner and classier way.

To give you an overview, it was Chef Archie who opens this store in 2007 together with his brother Vince and two friends Ian and Eugene. Chef Archie is also the chef behind Paseo Uno, Mandarin Hotel, Hagen Daz, Max Brenner, Olivers, Tea n Therapy and Blue Steak and Bistro per reading. Giving all those point I felt like I should not miss this chance to taste what Lime 88 can offer and indeed it was such an amazing experience. Ready to see your common street food in a way you’ve never seen before?

Lime 88’s dashing introduction of the menu started with:

Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal 2477 
Quail Egg Tempura with Soy Marin Glaze and Sinamak – Php120.00
- Their own version of kwek-kwek or tokneneng, they twisted it by changing the coating and adding soy marin glaze. Quail Egg Tempura turns out to be very good when dipped in both Soy Marin Glaze and Sinamak.
Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal 2473
Balut in Red Wine SaucePhp180.00
-This dish is really genius; it made me think how they were able to remove the shells without destroying the entire egg? They must have paid high attention on the eggs’ age. This taste good too.

Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal 2479
Deep fried spicy tuna and sky flakes – Php120.00
-Some got reminded about their college drunken days in low budget.

Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal 2482
Assorted Street Style BBQ Platters – Php185.00
-This is composed of assorted barbeque, highly suggested for groups. Everything looks and tasted ordinary until peanut sauce comes to action.


The first batch is almost good enough to impress me but Chef Archie and Vince still has a lot to offer. Then Second batch of twisted dishes came in our table.

Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal 2481
Bacon Mussels – Php170.00
-Stir-fried Mussels with white wine and bacon.
Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal 2499
Street Style Pizza – Php190.00
-Not your ordinary street food and pizza, it is topped with Longganisa,tuyo,salted egg and kesong puti. Though I am impressed with the idea, I find this dish salty.

Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal 2502
Isaw and Chicharong Bulaklak Pizza – Php120.00
-This is a bit lighter than the first one, it’s just that the chicharong bulak is hard to chew, too bad for my weak tooth.

Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal  2497
Crispy Corned Beef, Paris Mash, Sauteed onionsPhp170.00
-This one is amongst my favorite for the night – I bet my sisters would love this.

Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal 2490
Tuna sashimi wasabi cream, orange salad and soy calamansi – Php210.00
-giving a variety is good so I don’t mind thinking if this can be found anywhere in the Philippine streets. The Tuna sashimi wasabi cream, orange salad and soy calamansi is fair, I can’t really judge it confidently as I am not fond of wasabi. When I ate it – tagos sa ilong yung sting ng wasabi. But it was tolerable. PS: I really love how they plate this <3

Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal 2500
Wilted Kangkong with Asian hollandaise and Quali EggPhp120.00
-I believe that this dish can go further with improvement. I love the Asian hollandaise and Quali Egg but the Kangkong has an obvious bitter taste which I think is common to leafy vegetables when overcooked.

Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal 2495
Creamy Garlic Spicy Tuyo pastaPhp175.00
-This tops my favorite list. For me, the creamier the better (wag lang gawing sabaw ang cream ;o). I love the concept – the plating is quirky. You should try this out when you visit.

Now here comes the desert. This is the part that awakens the sweet tooth inside me - right price for a fair slice of delicious cakes. I am arranging it base on my favorite from most to least.

Desserts are not included in their menu but you can order ahead.

Lime 88 Cakes 2511
Chocolate Sanzrival – Php120.00

Lime 88 Cakes 2506
Tres Leches – Php120.00

Lime 88 Cakes 2508

 Salted Caramel – Php120.00
Lime 88 Cakes 2515
Flourless Chocolate Chocnut – Php120.00
-PS: Salted Caramel is not really "least" it’s just that the three others stands out most.

Lastly is their cocktail that completes the night of interesting idea that twisted street food and bringing them to another level culinary innovation.

Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal 2492
Choc-Nut Martini (one with the whisk of melted chocolate), Brown Sugar Daddy, (the red/brown one), License to Chill (in my favorite color green), Tiramisu Martini (the one in the top-left)

Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal  2491
Closer view of License to Chill and Tiramisu Martini.

Lime 88 Filipino Street food na pinasosyal 2480
My favorite: Choc-Nut Martini

Later, tea was served, its aroma tones down everything.

Lime 88 IMG_2512

Thanks Chef Arch and Vince as well as to foodie bloggers that I’m with that night. It’s a wonderful experience of discovering another good place to chill and get full.

-Ends with lots of burps-

Lime88 is located at 160 San Rafael St. Mandaluyong City. (02)4002268 09053127799 opens at 5:30pm to 2:00am Mondays to Sundays. For latest menu and updates; follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page.

Map guide on getting to Lime 88 Mandaluyong.

For those who are in Roxas City, Chef Arch’s Lime 88 just opened their branch there last May 1 at Dumulog, Roxas City, Capiz.


  1. Oh wow, everything looks just fantastic! Definitely made my stomach rumble.

  2. i love lime 88! their osso bucco style kare kare is my favorite. hindi pa ako napahiya kahit minsan sa lahat ng ni-recommend-an ko nyan! their dinakdakan is also very good!

    may salted caramel cake na pala sila. will try that soon.

    happy weekend and more food adventures to you!


    - iya

    1. Thanks for sharing Iya! yeah love to recomment them kasi kakaiba talaga concept nila at napapanindigan. Cheers for more food adventure! happy weekend ;)

  3. The concept is amazing! I love on how they put a twist on streetfood and the food presentation is plus factor! A must try! Thank you for sharing!


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