Practicing my interest in Photography.

I was cleaning up my files when I bump up with these photos I took last April. I thought that it wasn't that bad for a beginner despite that it is quite shaky since I only use those bamboo twigs as improvise tripod. Also, this is my first time to try shooting in slow shutter; the fierce waves and the sunset are both inspiring and have an ideal view to start learning some tricks.

"the battle of water and fire"

This photo was taken late noon at Monte Leah Beach Resort in Sulvec Narvacan Ilocos Sur. J I also tried enhancing the color in CS3, adjusting contrast with no technicalities just basing on my desired effect.

I love this one; It took me hard time to get this since I have to bend down. Remember I don’t have a tripod with me. We are just walking along the sea side and got inspired then took a photo.

"a bouquet of waves"

This is my favorite. It always reminds me that there should always be a beauty in every perspective. Awww.. EMO!

 "sunset in different perspective"
Anyways, these are my first set of photo in – I decided to have them host my photos to free some memory in my blog. Hope to be able to post more and better photos soon. For now let’s enjoy the introduction of rainy days.

PS: Your suggestions and ideas to make slow shutter better and easy is highly appreciated.. wink***



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