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It was way back my elementary days when I first tasted a tea from a place where this is being patronized like Filipino patronizes coffee, it was my father who regularly brought some from Taiwan where he worked for 3 years. Those days, I really don’t have much care on teas until I became fond of prince and princess of asian-novelas where in tea is one of the most featured beverages. Then finally came the era of tea markets in the Philippines.

Roselle Tea with Fig Jelly - M Php 75.00 / L Php 85.00 (note that they are the one who made their own fig jellys)

Last Saturday I was invited at Super Duck – it’s a tea store in Ortigas, they have morethan 100 tea variations to choose from and offer some really good snacks. Luckily super duck made my tea experience very wonderful. I am not very good at teas but I have my personal expectations I used in judging these drinks. We have tasted more or less 20 of its tea flavors, it was a lot so I am asking your pardon if I forgot some but I can surely mention my favorites.

We started with fruit juice green teas which are usually offered for those who wanted to be revived from thirstyness. The fruit zest blended perfectly with the green tea smoothness that made this set a sunny days must grab.

Peach Green Tea with Perilla Seeds M Php 100.00 / L Php 120.00

Mixed Fruits Green Teas with slices of Apple, Orange and Passion fruits

Roselle Plum Tea M Php 80.00 / L Php 85.00
Then, we next venture to famouse milk teas where I gave them two thumbs up because their Milk teas are reasonably competitive when it comes to taste, price, variance and uniqueness. I am only featuring few of milk tea photos since they generally looks the same and only differs on taste and sinkers.

 Classic Pearl Tea (M Php 85.00 / L Php 95.00) and Signature Milk Tea (M Php 90.00 / L Php 100.00) - both best serve with pearl.

Adzuki Bean Milk Tea M Php 95.00 / L Php 110.00

Roasted Matcha with Brown Rice M Php 90.00 / L Php 100.00
After several flavors of tea, they next offered their Quakers. You might see those regular nuggets below and regular fries and little chicken sausages and might felt ordinary as i did when I first saw it but you might want to consider its ingredients as it is 100% mixed veggies - no meat but taste like one! applause to these :)

V-Nuggets (v for vegetables ;)) - Php 85.00

V-Chzdog n Fries - Php 80.00 (another just meaty pick.

Shrooms - Php 65.00 (If I am to feature another cooking post with my recipe - I'd definitely love to make something like this. This healthy mushrooms really make a good replacements for chips and chicharon)

Among those little slices of shrooms in the bucket, this black mushroom which I forgot the exact name stands out being the juicier and tastier.
Going back on teas, we then proceed with those that would surely makes the tea lovers crave from time to time.

We had Wenshan clear tea, one of my favorite – I’ll be coming back to have the hot Wenshan because I bet it will be best when served hot instead of cold.

Wenshan Clear Tea - M Php 60.00 / L Php 70.00
Wenshan Baozhong tea has a long history in Taiwan culture which is known for its serene mountains, its origin includes its reputation of being the tea of Kings. This tea is said have been gone from the market for a long time due to its demanding farming requirements but then lately come back regaining its reputation.

According to Steve and Dennis (the owners of Super Duck) this is one of the least ordered teas, which is very ironic because we all liked it. The smell and the aroma is in perfect unison, very comforting and relaxing. The French Rose Milk Latte always reminds me of spa goodness.

French Rose Milk Latte - M Php 90.00 / L Php 100.00 I only have two words to describe this tea its CALMNESS and SOPHISTICATION <3

Chocolate Nai Kai with Cheez salt- Php 100.00 - 1st of two tea flavors that they mentioned to beat all the best in all the tea stores in the Philippines. Yabang! pero bet naman kasi.

Wentermelon Nai Kai with Cheez Salt- Php 100.00 (I love this over the Choco Nai Kai , though both are something worth licking the cup after ;))
Last but not the least, Steve and Dennis thought us how to get a little kick of alcohol in a healthy way. I love the Heineken Green Tea over the Bailey but sweet tooth’s would surely go for the second one.

For a smooth and pretty finish we had their Taiwan Herbal Jelly Dessert. Their own tea version of halo-halo, this big serving (Php 100.00) is really huge and can be shared by three or four person.

TIPS in tasting tea: According to the two gentleman who sent themselves in Taiwan to gain earnest knowledge in tea; the fine tea, which was prepared finely, with the proper selection of sugar, water, and storage time should not taste bitter. Bitter taste in tea is caused by over stocked teas and improper brewing.

Buyers has this three steps to follow for your ultimate tea experience

1. Select the size.
2. Decide for your desired sweetness. 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 150%(very sweet)
3. Ice level (chilled - hot)
4. Choose your sinkers.
Budget per person is 150-200 for full board snacks :). So if your asking where in Ortigas you could go for good tea with competitive price and wide and modern variation? You'd surely know my answer by now. :)

Their Ortigas branch, watch out for the one opening in Makati.

The ladies and gentlemen behind Super Duck Ortigas (left-right) Dennis, Steve, Ellen and Olivia.

Super Duck Modern Tea
Location: Unit 111 A and B, AIC BURGUNDY Empire Tower, Garnet st. corner ADB avenue,

Ortigas Business Center, Pasig City (Reffer on the map below for direction)
Contact: TEL:02-570-2292 , Globe 0917-8910697, Sun 09337203188
Email Address:
Opens every Monday to Saturday
Website | Facebook Page | Twitter


  1. Ang layo naman ng Ortigas sakin! Nagsasawa na ako sa Infinitea and Moonleaf Tea shop. yun kase malapit sakin.

    I love the name of the Tea Shop! and I love that they also have snacks! I love anything with cheese salt, rocksalt&cheese. So feeling ko alam ko na oorderin ko dyan when I got the chance to visit. :p

    1. Awww, its fine if your close to Makati they are going to open their new branch there. I just don't have the details though since its still a plan inprogress. :)

  2. Mmm looks so good. I am obsessed with bubble tea!


  3. they have the worst customer service especially that "olivia" but their tea was great. they just need to place proper people in their business


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