My Glad to be Globe story – Work harder and play even harder.

It’s been a week since we entered the rainy month of June and I still feel the haste of the past summer in my veins. For a young professional, wander lass and fashion designer aspirant like me – nothing beats the summer than a perfect vacation after a successful client’s wedding. Something that I never expected I could fulfill after being committed to do a bridal gown for a bride from Barcelona, Spain.

Early February when everything started to be hectic; the graveyard office work is actually manageable but I am not only an office worker, I am also an eldest sister looking after my other two sibling who is living with me. I am a fashion designer aspirant by day, a blogger in my free time which you can't hardly think if there is any; and, I have an irresistably itchy feet that attacks without notice. All comes in a very impossible combination - ME!
Good thing that my seven years of professional experience already taught me how to exhaust my time and resources. I do the communication with the bride just right after I got out from my graveyard shift which happens to be midnight in Barcelona. We used Skype video calling to take the measurement and the deals were all discussed through Viber. Good thing too, I have a reliable internet connection from Globe’s unlimited data plan.

Working beyond distance is easy :)

All the planning has gone very smoothly giving me so much time to do the gown and do some further jobs of taking care the couple’s wedding invitation and wedding favors. While doing all that since everything is just a click away, I still had some time to take my sisters for a coffee date where we talk about what we're up for summer.

Small talks over coffe supplied me so much inspiration to do well and confidence that I can still pull off a long, fun and hectic summer

So I double my agility and exhausted all time and resources, I sew and take a break with my laptop on the side checking online for the latest best vacation rates, then calling my prospect bookings – this multi-tasking is nothing possible without my unlimited data plan with call and text plan with globe. This early I can already say that I am glad to be globe.

"Had an early summer vacation with my sisters and achieved my role as a full pledge ate"

Time flew real fast and it was April, time for early summer and I am everywhere. Calling and texting and surfing the net. Done with the bridal gown and still having a good time at work, invitations are ready as well as the wedding favors. Already book a hotel for our vacation and in fact I also was able to arrange the couples’ honeymoon in Boracay. These are the time when I can’t barely imagine life having only guts and perseverance without internet and phone service.

"At the wedding. My dream to create a bridal gown for a semi-overseas client had come true!"

Now, why choose between your dream job and dream wanderlust? When you can have it all at the same time! Work harder play even harder - and go extra miles.

"Help others fulfill their dream as you fulfill yours."

Despite of all the works and fun, my social media streams and blogging where never out dated with my what-about.

Summer came and here I am! Spending it like never before!

Beach bumming it is ;)

Adrenaline rush becomes relaxing this time :)

Fulfilled my summer must do list!

Wew! What a job well done, isn't it? Nailing a long, fun and hectic summer is no kidding, really glad to be globe.

Now summer is over and I am not yet sure how far will I able to go this rainy days, one thing I am sure though my glad to be globe story will continue. ;)



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