Picturesque BANGUI WINDMILLS (BANGUI, Ilocos Norte)

Talking about Ilocos would always leads me picturing the image of Bangui windmills with the sound of rolling tides crushing along the shoreline where twenty of them stands in a row with its graceful motor blades rotating as the wind blows. Perhaps, this is really the main reason why I want to go and visit Ilocos.  There is something in this 70 meters high gigantic white structure that amazes me so much like a great hero of our environment. Aside, it always brought me an immense image of strength, discipline and leadership.

Below its huge structure make me feel like always wanting to take photos and each and every photo produces a perfect image of human intelligence, capabilities, power and will. 

I guess I will never get tired of watching its router blades swiping the sky far more than a fanciful ornament or a picturesque subject only but an energy provider that promises no harm to our environment. Windmills are one of the most ideal source of electricity, known as one of the popular source of sustainable energy – a source that is capable of providing needed energy without causing pollution, it do not produce greenhouse gases and mostly it doesn’t require the use of fuel. Currently it generates half of the electricity needed by the entire Ilocos Norte Province.

Bangui Windmill is one of the most popular tourist spot in Ilocos. You can reach it via Ilocos guided tour or local tours offered around Pagudpud. Deprived of time and just passing by Pagudpud would still let you see this windmill from its view deck located along Manila North Road (Northern part of Pan-Philippine Highway) where busses and other transportation routing to manila and Cagayan valley passes.

Bangui Windmill is the first destination of our Pagudpud tour via Van having Christopher (Teri) Respicio as our tour guide.

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