Lilong and Lilang’s café and restaurant of Vigan City

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog and I missed blogging so much! Anyways now I’m back from a very busy month of work in my full-time job, as promised before I will be giving you a separate review about Lilong and Lilang’s café and restaurant. But before I start, I would like to make a little apology, I just realized that we only dine there for a merienda and I guess I haven’t had enough for a full review. So, this is just an overview of what our experience was when we got hungry and chose to dine at their Café.

At the very beginning of planning my itinerary, Lilong and Lilang’s café  and restaurant was already a part of it since it was suggested by our officemate. They said that Lilong and Lilang’s café and restaurant serve the best bagnet and empanada in Vigan. A part from that, the café’s nice interior is something we would surely enjoy - they said.

We arrived in Vigan at almost lunch and not hungry yet since we are used of having meals irregularly due to the nature  of our work. The hidden garden was the fourth destination on our Vigan itinerary which we visited at around 3-4 PM just in time for a snack.

After roaming around we went straight to the café and checked their menu. Lilong and Lilang’s café had a very good selection of food choices, covering from breakfast to dinner and from local cuisines to pinoy’s favorite dishes.

Since we are only after for a lunch/snack we only ordered empanada, olong, vigan style spaghetti (only added the “Vigan style”) and drinks. While waiting for the order, I went around checking some old decorative they had which are all quirky and cool.

I personally like this old sewing machine turned lamp – and no need to wonder why. J

Lilong and Lilang’s café and restaurant also have their mini bar which is rarely found in some café’s even in metro manila.

After a few minutes our order came to our table. Though there is only four of us dining (the tricycle driver, me, Jac and my sister) the serving still looks small at first sight. But not after consuming half of the food we ordered. Good thing that I decided to consume those before asking for another set of meal.

To tell you, though we have a small appetite – the Ilocos empanada is really and heavy and huge, it is pretty much enough to cover a meal of a regular eater.

The olong is good – I’d love to eat this with rice and ketchup and mayo.

Their spaghetti is great! The sweet Filipino style twisted with longganisa on it instead of using the regular sausages. – Sorry not to have photo of this, since my cam went dead and I have no extra battery on hand.

The price is quite surprisingly reasonable for an established destination. We only paid less than Php. 400.00 for four of us with spaghetti to go for my sister which was left at the Villa because of her high fiver.

Talking about the place, I loved it. It was a blend of old and classical theme put together in a nice landscape which is the expertise of the owner.

The wash room is especially noticeable.

The interior was good, only thing is that this kind of theme attracts a lot of mosquitos (like those in Pan de Americana). I had some few mosquito bites and I am a bit sensitive over these little insects since I already experienced being infected by Dengue.

All in all, I love my Lilong and Lilang’s café experience, given a chance to go back in Vigan, I would surely check more of their main dishes.
Hidden Garden Lilong and Lilang Restaurant
For reservations, you can contact
Rafaela "Glo" Flores
Located at the Heart of Hidden Garden
Brgy. Bulala, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
(077) 722-1450
(0906) 332-8309
(0928) 965-9190


  1. Love na love ko ang empanada diyan! Less than 5 minutes away from our home via motorbike :)

    1. wow lapit nyo lang pala :) bet ko din empanada nila swak na sa meal ko haha sobra pa dahil sa laki.


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