On my list of things to do in Boracay.

My list of what to do in Boracay includes major activities like sight-seeing and food trips. That list grew huge by days of planning my itinerary that makes it impossible to be accommodated by my budget and the time of stay. It is rarely for me to plan a trip not taking time to exhaust major activities so I really don’t mind going back if one visit doesn’t fulfill me. That is why I am so glad to have made almost everything on my list on my second visit in Boracay.

We took the service of a local tour coordinator who helped us arranged the activities and happily we went on for a Flyfish ride first. I heared that flyfish is an extreme ride on a windy day and I was quite excited to try it. The guide brought us to station 1 that was near Astoria Hotel, at the Diamond tour booth. Then we rode a motor boat going to a floating dock where we are going to board the flyfish.

Flyfish is a ride that is best enjoyed in a group with a maximum member of six. The flyfish is like a banana boat but a wider version. Due to its wide design and seating position the ride can fly in a speed and in a vertical position. By the look it seems cool and easy but a full briefing is given to avoid incidents like spraining your arms since this activity will require you to hold on tight.

So the ride starts by having the speed boat slowly dragging the flyfish positioning it against the wind. Then the real thrill starts when the speed boat raises its speed dragging the flyfish in to the opposite direction of the wind. This time you will realize how important it is to listen to the briefing specially if you just hate or don’t want to fall in the water.

The adrenaline keeps on rising in every round! And later – someone is falling from the flyfish!

I never thought that this ride is going to be this fun and exciting. We all love it and it already seemed to consume half of our energy for the entire day. Later though I felt a bit of ache pumping in my head, and reminded by a head bump I had on the ride.


After the Flyfish ride we are going to our next activity which happens to be the first on my list of things to do in my Boracay's second visit and it was Parasailing (one of my dream ride). We intentionally skipped this on our first vacation here because it will cost us a lot that time. This time though is quite better since we are in a group and we can juggle a bit. Okay, so from the floating dock we transferred to another motor boat that will take us to another boat for Parasailing.

Parasailing on the other hand is a quite and calm ride by observation. It is the ride that can take you as high as hundred meters. Since there were five of us, we grouped ourselves into two – the first group is composed of three where I belonged and the second is going to go in a pair. We went in first.

Later we are up-up and away!

Thank you for a good shot! 50-200MM lens really work just fine and good in this activity and on the flyfish.

In less than 25 minutes, I signaled them to lower the parachute since we are good (or I am getting dizzy). The height is actually fine, but the waves suddenly made me feel a little dizzy with the pumping head ache I had from the flyfish. Then after that, our companions went next. While they are enjoying the ride I was also enduring the nausea which later made me give up and give out. Yeah it was embarrassing but it was a part of the entire experience. So now you know why I suggested a dose of Bonamin eh!

Moving forward, we are fetched by another boat back to station 1 and so kind of kuya Noel (our guide) for representing to buy some mets for me. But it took me a while to recover and gain my strength back. They went on the next activity which is the ATV ride.

I didn't go with them for ATV since I already done this before. I chose to be rested while waiting for the medicine to take effect. Anyhow, here is my post on my previous experience: Rocking the Road to the Peak!

Next we tried is the Island hopping. Good thing I felt better now. This activity cost us 1,500.00 but doesn't seems to be worth it since we've only visited one Island. We were not briefed that the tide is harsh and it is even impossible for us to take a good snorkeling.

The late lunch is good though, we found the food place affordable and fun. The location is great and nice, the servings were generous and dishes are delicious.

The activities lasted for roughly five hours or so. We then decided to do the helmet diving on the next day since everyone already wanted to take some relaxing moment, shopping and enjoying at Dmall.

For my helmet diving experience please read my previous post here: There's a world under the sea of Boracay.

And these are a few of the many activities on my list of things to do in Boracay. Some other list of activity you want to check are:

o Learn and enjoy Scuba Diving
o Have a plunge at Ariel’s point
o experience Boracay Zorbing and Zipline
o Visit Puka Beach
o Visit Boracay theme parks and Muse
o Windsurfing and Kitesurfing
o Waterskiing and Jet Skiing
o Glass Bottom Boat
o Sunset Cruise
o Helicopter Tour
o Luxury Sailing and Cruise
o Stand up paddle
o Wall Clmbing
o Eco tour
o Bar hopping
o Massage and spa
o Henna tattoo and dreadlocks

o Food trips
o And many more!

Life in Boracay is indeed lively more than any other beaches in the Philippines. I still haven’t gone to all the activities in the list, some are reserved for some other trips where particular activity is best experience like Zipline in Lake Cebu in Albay or in Bukidnon. But so far all the activities I’ve gone through are really fun and exciting makes it hard for me to pick a favorite.

That’s it for now – remembering all that makes me tired. Our day ended with a drinking session by the shore packed with good chat and laughing moments.

Until my next post!


  1. Haaha natawa ako dun sa pic na parang natapon na tlga hahaha :) ndi ko mashado na enjoy ang boracay

    1. salamat kulapipot! sana eh ma enjoy mo yung boracay balang araw haha.

    2. Hey Christeen,

      Do you know where i could get a massage by a handsome stud in boracay.
      Going there by my self .

    3. hhhhmmm .... I really don't know, but there are alot of massage services in Boracay. You may check from them =)

  2. Hi sis. My family and I are planning to visit Boracay and have some time together since my mom and I have been away for a year. It would be highly apperciated if you could hep us with our 3 day itinerary. And also if you happen to know a travel agency who could help us book our flights from Manila. Thank you and Godbless!

    1. Hi Mariel,

      For Boracay Itinerary, I never had one. I only have list of things to do then everything flows as time permits in the island. There are a lot of tour guides there that you will surely encounter. They will be the best person to help - one tour guide has all the list of activities and updated prices so all you have to do is pick. They will also tell you the best time to do it. Boracay is a very dynamic yet easy to explore place, activities comes right after you set your foot in the shoreline. Just make sure that you book accomodation along the white beach (Station 1,2,3) so it would be easier for you.

      Say for the food – almost all the famous food houses are just a walk away from each other so I suggest that you just go to Dmall and choose the food house base on your daily cravings. In case you hate walking trycicle is always there 24/7.

      Travel Agencies - I haven't deal with anyone yet. And as per feedbacks, it is cheaper to do it on your own. But if you think that it would perfectly fit your needs, then I suggest you to start deciding on your hotel and call them to ask for any suggestion on travel packages. So far, basde on experience dealing with them – they always give you an option.

    2. nice post about your boracay escape. by the way, to mariel :) i went to boracay last july 21st-23rd... i want to give you kuya rey's number for cheap parasailing and island hopping activities :) :) www.thegirlwiththemujihat.com

  3. Funny at the pictures! that was ridiculious for me, scared to ride on that boat.

  4. I saw a pic called "Reef walking". As a traveler YOU SHOULD KNOW that walking on reefs destroys the reef

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for the catch! I wonder where those pics are - but if you are referring to Helmet diving which is from my previous post:


      They call it helmet diving some refer it as reef walking though as I have mentioned on my post that I don't want to call it the later since it is not the literal activity that you are going to experience. There is no literal stepping on the reef thing in-fact there are only few reefs to see. There are a good number of fishes to feed though.

  5. There are actually countless of things to do in Boracay, and I can say even a week is not enough to do all of these things. That's what makes Boracay one of the best out of the rest! :D

  6. Thanks for sharing your journey in boracay, I'm looking forward for your another post.
    Boracay travel packages blogs

  7. Magkano kaya yung mga activities? :)

  8. Hi po, sino yung contact nyo para sa mga activities? we're going to Bora din this coming Sunday and we'd like try those activities. Thank you!

  9. Great post ! Loved your pictures on fly-fish ! Check out my post about top 40 things to do in Boracay ! http://www.parrotfishjourney.com/latest-post/ultimate-boracay-activity-guide-for-amihan-habagat-seasons

  10. thanks soo much. you guys are so pretty

  11. I came across your blog when I was planning my Boracay Trip. And I was inspired to blog about my own experience too. :) https://bieyourownkindofbeautiful.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/first-time-in-boracay-4d3nt-budget-diy-itinerary/


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