A Gastronomic Day in Bonifacio Global City ( Yakitori one, BonChon Chicken, Slice, Jamba Juice)

Heavy rains today and the weather is quite beddy for the past couple of days now. Aside from sleeping what else do we wanna do on rainy days? Well, for me I love to eat! So, let me get down into some foodie post here.

Last Saturday we thought of visiting SM Aura, the newest and one of the grandest SM Mall which is located in Bonifacio Global City. We didn’t spend so much time going around, we went straight at the sky garden park and rested for a while then went to level four where the food court is located. We tried Yakitori one and we really enjoyed their mini Japanese themed barbeque, these reminded me of some food stores that we have visited in BGC and I came up with this foodie post featuring the food stores that we have tried which you can also go for snacks, refreshers, lunch, dinner whenever you are in Bonifacio Global City. Hopefully this might give a little enlightenment to your "where to eat?" and "what to eat?" questions.

Let’s start on heavy meals from Bonchon Chicken BGC. Bonchon is an internationally fast growing Korean food chain which first arrived in the Philippines last 2010. Currently you can see a lot of Bonchon branches already around the metro, but my first Bonchon Chiken experience was here in Bonifacio Global City.

What I love about Bonchon Chicken is that they're serving and a different array of menu compared to most of the famous fast food chains in the country - possibly because they're from Korea.

For snacks, me and my sister tried Pia Cayetano’s Slice which became one of our favorites and I’m sure sweet tooths would surely love too. Slice sets their store apart by providing a healthier alternative by using organic and natural products on their menu. At first, I really thought that they only serve cupcakes but I was surprised to see some main dishes on the menu. They have some pasta and breakfast meal too that is served any time of the day.

Slice by Pia Cayetano

Our slice favorite is their best-seller Choco Yema Cupcake – a heaven in a bite.

Slice healthy smoothies =)

After having some load of sweet delicious cupcakes, you can also head to Jamba Juice to get some refreshers which is just beside Slice – seems they are intentionally placed together side by side because both complements each other really well.

Jamba Juice


Speaking of healthy alternatives, Jamba juice also serves the same theme. They provide a wide array of healthy smoothies made from fresh fruits.

The first time I experienced Jamba Juice, I instantly fell in love with their Mango Guimaras smoothies – very delicious and very pinoy.

Another favorite is the blueberry oatmeal =)

Yakitori One:

And just recently we discovered Yakitori One which is located at level 4 SM Aura Premier, Food Court. We were picking for a place to eat and the craving that I once had after reading Anton Diaz' review of Yakitori one suddenly struck me. So I asked them if they want to try it out.

Click the image to see the pricing.

Yakitori One serves a selection of meats on stick finished with their signature Tare. Their menu is really enjoying and to crave for as we always love those barbeque dishes and kebabs.  They have a total of 11 yakitori options to choose from that time, but I believe that there are some which are not available that day.

We ordered two sticks for each flavor, excluding the chicken skin and the garlic stick. Since each stick is so yummy, I suggest you order 3-4 sticks per person. Besides they have a pretty good serving of rice (Japanese Rice / 48.00 / serving) which is too much for 2-3 sticks.

SHOOT! Your meal is complete. Have you tried them or any other around Bonifacio Global City? Share your experience and favorites!


  1. Pedeng sumama sa lakad nio hihihi

  2. All of the food looks delicious. I would add to my list to visit. I read your review on Trip Advisor about the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel. I hope you will share a post on your Blog about the Hotel.

    1. Thanks po :-) all of them are as delicious as how they're look like, with regards to the review, wala po akong account sa trip advisor that releases reviews. And i haven't experience shangri-la hotels yet pero pag natry ko share ko pp :-)

  3. Thank you for visiting us! You have a nice blog!

  4. Yaiks, will visit this the soonest, I never really eaten at SM Aura except when we watched a movie.

  5. i wished i saw this post before i came to BGC.. ang alam ko lang wa kpub. and i fell in love with it.. hehehe


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