Styling on the road: Floral focused.

Good Morning World! Hmmm the sun is shining brightly here at the side of the world where I am at right now :). It brings crisp colors to anything around, vibrant enough to inspire me. So, I thought of going to my long missed Polyvore to create some sets featuring floral prints which are all perfect for my mood and very timely as I am closing another week long travel.

Scroll left/right to view the other sets and scroll down for the details.

I never felt good in styling but doing so relaxes me so much. Most of the time I do this when I'm planning for a trip and more often I base my piece on the place to visit and the activities and what is available in my closet, putting trend as the last consideration. Not that I don't believe on trends, (feeling-defensive) its just that style is, most of the time, about you and the best way to pull it off is to be comfortable of yourself :).

Blue babe: The sets I come up with are very street style, I settled on mostly flats since I might use this on a trip (no time for "tiis-ganda"). So, I had this set that I can wear going to the airport, checking in to a hotel and fixing your stuff - sleeveless (needs some scarf when at the plane), floral shorts, a turban to make some statement, and flats (I never wear heels on flight since I am not good with balancing). Something easy right? or should I say lazy?

Mint and Clean: I also have this vibrant set of mint and melon pink. I am thinking that this pair is kind enough to allow a comfortable city tour, a coffee meet up with some friend or bloggers - maybe?

Totally floral: What to wear in a long tour on sunny days, with all the walking, eating, shopping, and commuting (can even go island hopping!)? This set is just it for the chicks.

Pink A Blue: Something casual with the heels, good when you going back at your hometown and need some striking and decent clothes for meeting or going out with family and old friends (one of the activity on my next trip).

Who says floral needs colors?: Since I am doing a floral collection, I thought of something that is very casual, very chick and something that you can always grab in your luggage for a semi formal night/day out. Who knows, someone asked you for a formal dinner or to attend a wedding or what not.

And that's all bow, I still have a lot in mind but maybe next time. Will love to do sets for a more active trips, like hiking and swimming. Hope you like it. Xoxo!


  1. I am in love with your post!
    so many beautiful articles and inspirations!
    ciao from Italy



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