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Cassy's Christening Gown (my cute little client).

Just last month I have my youngest client ever, her name is Isabella Cassandra. She embraces Christianity in the dress that I made. I am supposed to attend the celebration but I unfortunately got sick and needed to take a rest, despite that; I am pleasured to hear good feedbacks from those who were able to make it to the Christening.

Cassy’s Crestening Dress 089_o

Here are the photos I took freshly after I finish the dress and before placing it to the box for delivery. I am very much happy with my creation and felt so much fulfillment pulling off this dress.

Cassy’s Crestening Dress 3208

Now I know why infants clothes are expensive, small as they may seem but these small princess' clothes has its own challenges enough to draw me into a different learning experience.

Cassy’s Crestening Dress 3213

best thing is I enjoyed it from the beginning up to the boxing :)

Cassy’s Crestening Dress 3230

Cassy’s Crestening Dress 3232

Cassy's first fitting.

Cassy’s Crestening Dress 949_o

Isabella Cassandra's preppin' for her big day =).

Cassy’s Crestening Dress 2495_o
Cassy’s Crestening Dress 459_o

Grabbed photos from the ceremony.

Cassy’s Crestening Dress 8339_o
Cassy’s Crestening Dress 325_o
Cassy’s Crestening Dress 0771_o
Cassy’s Crestening Dress 77_o
Cassy’s Crestening Dress 084_o

Special thanks to Jed and Patty for the trust and confidence.

Cassy’s Crestening Dress 691_o

That’s it for now, will post more project soon before hitting the road again! Let’s work, earn and travel!



  1. wow ang astig akala ko traveler ka lang may tinatago ka palang talent :) goodjob

  2. They might use Cluney lace and gold trim for design. The dresses will have Irish concepts such as shamrocks, Celtic crosses, or the claddagh.

  3. Hi. How much yung gown? I like it for my babies christening too. Thanks


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