Silk Road Thai Bistro by Chef Cecille Chang

Circa 2011 when I had my first full Thai cuisine experience and from that day I started to get interested on their dishes. I was amused that though you can sight some close versions of Thai dishes on our local cooking, Thai food never fails to put my taste pallets into awing satisfaction. That is why when I was invited for a dinner in one of the newest Thai Bistro in Bonifacio Global city – Silk Road Thai Bistro, I immediately said yes without having second thoughts.

Silk Road Thai Bistro is located at the corner of 4th and 32th Ave. Bonifacio Global City Taguig. We were able to locate them easily and were welcomed by a modern, intimate and very calming ambiance. The first floor is dominated with a long bar where you can enjoy your drinks after dinner. The second floor is a closed curtain VIP room which is intended to accommodate private occasions. Silk Road’s interior is way fresh and minimal unlike my expectations of a Thai-y interior.




Silk Road Thai Bistro Menu:

Our delectable and sumptuous dinner started with their wide selection of drinks including known Thai drinks and their original mixture of beverages. I am tempted to grab a Thai milk shake but I ended up ordering the lemon grass juice because I know it’s lighter than Thai milk and secondly I haven’t tasted a lemon grass juice yet.

I love how my drink is presented and so as the others which were decorated by Thai Orchids flower. The lemon grass is surprisingly refreshing, I love more ice on it, and it’s like drinking a minted tea – close to wenshan tea and its soothing aroma. I like the fact that they served it separately with the syrup so that you can control the level of sweetness you desire.

Starters comes a few minutes later, we had Son-in-Law Eggs, Thai Spring Rolls, Siam Roti, Thai Ravioli and Soi Langsuan Salad.

Son-in-law Eggs (Php 195.00) – is one of the most interesting dishes that night. It made me wonder of its peculiar name before minding what it was or how it would taste like. Now why Son-in-law? This dish is locally called “khai luuk kheuy” its name is believed to be adopted from a tradition of having this dish served by the mothers for their future Son-in-Law. The name is interesting as the taste. You can hardly imagine that it is only a deep-fried hard boiled eggs served on top of betel leaves. The leaves should be edible but I am not into its taste, the eggs alone can stand by its self anyways.

Thai Spring Rolls with Sweet Chilli Sauce (Php 260.00) – very alike to our birthday fave dish “lumpiang ubod/gulay” less the noodles. I love its feel good taste that kids and adults would surely enjoy and of course the presentation –the idea of Cambodian fish trap for platter is very experimental. 

Siam Roti with Tomato Salsa and Curry Dip and Coconut Cream (Php 195.00), most of the time I enjoyed roti but the thin and a bit crispy one. This Siam Roti is different, it’s thicker, steamy and chewy; good variation though.

Thai Ravioli with Lime Sauce (Php 330.00) is my personal favorite. I so love the meaty flavor, it’s like eating sisig in a different level of deliciousness gotten from a well flavored shitake mushrooms, sesame beef and shrimp in steamed rice wraps.

Soi Langsuan Salad (Php 340.00) comes last for our appetizer. Its bright color and springy looks deceived others to have a spoonful not expecting the spiced vinegar to take a hard bite on the tongue introducing its name in a bit shocking way. That is a warning, take it little by little and you will surely enjoy it.

Main course in the table Siamese Pork Ribs, Pad Thai, Kha and Hormok.

Siamese Pork Ribs (Php 310.00) - comes in first, maybe because they want us to know how good it smells? The aroma of both cinnamon caramel and coal is such a tummy teaser, it made me forgot that the appetizers already filled half of my storage. Surprisingly, the grilled pork is so tender very unusual to most of the grilled pork then the taste... hmmm another thing to regret if I choose to be converted to being a vegetarian.

Pad Thai (Php 340.00) is my most awaited dish, I have seen it in photo and its photogenic looks really intrigued me. Chef Cecille mentioned that it is one of the must have Thai dishes. Pad Thai is a mix of pork, shrimps, egg, bean sprouts and handmade Pastas covered with cheese nets side with crushed peanuts.  The taste was good but it’s a little bit flat so I have to add more peanuts and sauce to enhance the flavor.

Kha (Php 295.00) – you’re not so ordinary fish fillet. Fried fish fillet tossed in perfect blend of caramelized sugar and ginger sauce. A must have for fish meat lovers like me.

Hormok (Php 285.00) – sorry this made me laugh at my own ignorance because when it was served at the table my first word was “Bibingka!”. Doesn't it look like puto or bibingka? or maybe just me? Anyways, it is neither close to puto nor bibingka. It is a steamed fish with curry mousse. It's unique tast is best paired with jasmine rice.

Lamb Shank Massaman (Php 120.00/100g) – Silk Road specialty dish. Lamb hunk done in eight hours of slow-cooking in curry sauce, side with crispy noodles and sweet potato flakes. Slicing is very effort less since the lamb is very tender. This dish thought me that sweet potato flakes is yummy when dipped in curry sauce.

Our sumptuous meal was made complete and more delectable by their sweetly prepared desserts.

Silk Nest (Php 240) – I give them two thumbs up both for the presentation and the taste. I am a big fan of native flavors and artisan ice-creams and this one is one of the yummiest. That is for the ice-cream alone; add the edible shell made of taro and sweet potato and the sauce (which I forgot the specifics) but it’s more like a caramelized coconut and sugar (like “latik” in bisaya).

Silk Road Dessert Sampler (Php 295) – this one is very delightful even not only to the eyes but to your taste pallets. Though I haven’t managed to taste everything - missing the Sticky Rice with Mango and Takhoo Thai, I can dearly say that its a very nice idea to have this for complete experience of Silk Road Dessert.

Overall, I can say that my Silk Road experience is one of my most exciting gastronomic adventures where taste, passion and cleverness comes together. Silk Road makes me get so excited looking forward to my soon to come Thai trip.

Her romance in Thai Cuisine – that is how Chef Cecille Chang described her new brain child Silk Road. Miss Cecille who is also known as the Chef in Stiletto earned her culinary mastery in Bangkok Thailand which gave her the totally high confidence in running her own babies Thai Bistro in Robinsons Magnolia and Silk Road Thai Bistro all which received a warm and significant welcome. Having Silk Road as her newest, she devoted her focus on it making sure that her staff will get all the support they need and their customer to gain their most deserved satisfaction. She visualized Silk Road to become one of the finest Thai Bistro in the country; reason why she made sure to come back and forth from Thailand to Philippines to continuously learn; and reason why she get with her, a very reliable wine and beverage consultant to make sure that they have all the drinks that matches all the dishes in their menu.

For their promise of a continuous effort to serve nothing but the best, Silk Road is placing cool and great Ideas on their pipeline, starting from their VIP lounge where public figures could enjoy their privacy. Silk Road will also extend their service as a night lounge on specific days with live music and bands. Coming soon every Sunday is the all Thai Dishes buffet that every Thai food lovers would surely look forward to.

Silk Road Thai Bistro
Net Quad Corporate Center, Shop H, 4th Avenue corner 31st Street, Fort Bonifacio
Contact #0923-4218294
FB Page:
Operating Hours: 11AM-3PM (lunch); 6PM-2AM (dinner)


  1. The place looks amazing from the Thai interiors to the drinks and the food. Chef Cecile must be so talented. The food must taste so delicious especially the desserts. I wish to visit one day.

    1. Chef Cecile is brilliant, come and visit when you are here :) it's worth it.

  2. mouth-watering! will check that place one if dis days :)

  3. Oooh the place looks gorgeous and the food looks extra yummy!


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