Things to do (we did) while in Butuan City for halfday.

It was 30 minutes past one in the afternoon when we landed Bancasi Airport in Butuan City - the City of Balangays. Coming from work, the first thing I thought of doing was to eat. That is why right after we got our tripod we immediately went out of the airport and look for a place to dine, great thing there were food stores right across the airport.

Lunch Time:

We had our meal which cost us 100.00 pesos, a very delish and worthy meal for a hundred. We had adobo (Butuanun Style - sweet and a bit spicy - yum!), vegies and drinks.


In the middle area between the airport and the food house are some multi-cabs, parked and waiting for passengers. We asked how much it is to go to the City proper, we ended up taking a 200.00 pesos deal (deal includes locating a place to stay) - the trick is they will just bring you to a 1, 2, and most is 3 places which are along the road. First is Dotties Place hotel then Prince hotel (where we stayed - and their recommended place because the hotel give perks to the driver who can bring in some customers) and last suggestion is the Hotel Karaga (We never went in because we settled in Prince Hotel).

Our Stay:

Prince Hotel, was our hotel of choice since we’ve seen its clean and has new rooms which is something that I really wanted after the 12 hours of work and an expected hours of roaming around the City. This time all I really want is a comfortable room even if that would mean sacrificing some bucks in our budget.

After settling our stuffs, we didn't waste time and went out, we initially wanted to go to the national Museum and the Balangay Museum but it was Saturday and those two were closed on weekends so we headed to Banza Church Ruins instead.

Banza Church Ruins:

Banza ruins is a little church ruin at the river side of Banza beside the remnants of an old Saw Mill. This church was the oldest stone church ruin in Mindanao which was stablished back in 1622 by Augustinia Recollects.


Since there are a lot of tricycles passing by at the street infront of the hotel, we tried commuting from there but unfortunately no one really knows much about this place (even the hotel staffs). We have asked four tricycles if they can take us to the ruins (even describing the church to the bit) and all four were clueless, so instead, we asked a driver to take us to the Langihan Bus Terminal where a said tricycle terminal to this place is located. While on the road discussing how can we get there the driver surprisingly verified if we are up to the ruins by the river and said we are on the wrong way. He kindly directed us to a tricycle terminal (Bcutoda in Busa) on the rare side of Butuan public market (not really sure if that was the public market, just saying base on how it looks :)); we paid him for a double ride which is 20.00/each (10.00 one-way).

On the Bcutoda terminal - ask the driver that you are going to Banza Church Ruins, the drop-off place is called Lilo (Sitio's name) , fare is 9.00/head. At Lilo, take the left fork straight until you reach a signboard of the ruins, and then follow the arrow sign. The little path will take you to the river side and will reveal the ruins beside a huge old tree. Travel time 30 minutes all in all.

BANZA CHURCH RUINS GOING BACK TO THE CITY: Go back to the drop of point then wait for the tricycle going back to the terminal - same fare. From the terminal you can decide with your next destination.

Sto. Niño Parish:

I only sighted this church when we passed by from Butuan airport. I was amused by its structure and thought that it would be nice to drop by and have my thanks sent to Him for another opportunity to travel.

Sto. Niño Parish is a unique church by interior, the altar unlike many others is defiantly built, so as the ceiling which has a very Pinoy and light feel.

Facts:  Sto. Niño Parish is located at Libertad, Butuan City Philippines. This church was built in 1995 when Rev. Carmelo Morelos was the Bishop of Butuan.
HOW TO GET TO ST. JOSEPH CATHEDRAL: Coming from a street parallel to the street where the terminal is located, we took a RT2 multi-cab (mini jeep) and asked to drop us to Sto. Niño Parish.

Kapihan sa Datu:

Kapihan sa datu is a coffee shop, slash diner, slash playground which is a few meters away from Sto. Niño Parish. It is quarter to 5:00pm when we left the church and I’m really craving for coffee, sighted this, we decided to take some rest and have my cup of kapeng barako. One of the best coffees I had.
While having a coffee, we enjoyed watching the kids merrily playing on the playground. The scene was very calming that it makes the sunset on this side more vibrant and one-of-a-kind.

Lutong Bahay ni Aling Cora:

Since Jac, opted not to take a coffee and felt that she'd rather want a rice meal, we went to the nearest and one of the famous food stop in Butuan. Lutong Bahay ni Aling Cora is along the same road where RT cabs pass by, so we never had troubles commuting.

Our dinner is simple and budgeted yet enough. Our first thought was Butuan dishes are so worth the try and make us wish we had more time for more foodie adventure. Our meal cost us Php146.00 including rice, viand and drinks.


After having our dinner, we went back to the hotel. Had our rest and prepared for our early morning ride to Surigao.
This trip was short yet fun and smooth flowing - I liked it the way it was and given more time we wish to visit more food houses and the Balangay Museums.
'Till next time Butuan! Xx- 


  1. beautiful photo diaries and informative :)

  2. Another recommended resto is Weegol's. It's a huge fave among locals and tourists alike :)

    1. Will be comming back this year, I will surely check them out :) Thanks for the visit and welcome to my blog. Im a follower of yours :)

  3. Nice blog too bad kapihan sa datu is gone. Try out Pizzeria de Italia near the city hall of Butuan. It offers woodfired pizza. Only place that offer such kind in the city. Quite unique.


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