Cheaper Alternative for Hotel Accommodation in Eastwood City, Quezon City.

Finally :) I've been meaning to share this find I had last holiday. November last year when my sisters and I decided that we want to be with the whole family on holidays. We then booked them a ticket and planned ahead for the activities that we can enjoy, one of the activity is to attend New Year countdown together. Since holidays meant critical working days for most of the BPO employees instead of a vacation, we agreed to spend the countdown at Eastwood where we are also working. That way we can proceed to work after the countdown.

The challenge is that hotels were already fully booked couple of months ahead and even motels were also running out of rooms. Even suites aren’t available, I also tried searching for condo for rents yet most of them preferred those longer leases like five days or more.  It takes a lot of patient and time looking for a suitable place which is preferably just within the vicinity. I chanced upon Travelmob which I am not familiar with, they offer some good choice of rooms with short term rentals (shorter than five days). I was very reluctant at first but I am running out of choice so I did contact one of the hosts and ask for rates and basic information. The host whose name is Angelica was prompt in responding on my queries and concerns and that somehow ease my doubts.

I booked a studio type condo for three days, it is located at Lafayette 1 building which is a stone throw away from Eastwood Central Park – the location of the countdown. The unit suggested number of occupancies is only two but can accommodate four with additional mattress and use of the sofa bed. I beg them if we can have five since two of which are kids and we will be out most of the time. Angelica kindly agrees with additional charge for the existing pax, which is okay.

This accommodation is one of the best deals I had last holiday. I never had troubles contacting the host and dealing with them, the payment system is very smooth. Felt more blessed with the building staffs which are all friendly and accommodating. The unit itself is clean and has everything that you basically need, from fridge, tv, cable, phone, fan, cookware and dining ware. Most importantly are the fully functional air conditioning unit, shower and bath, and cooking area.

Here are some photos I had which were taken that time of their stay. I have stayed there for couple of hours during day time to visit and check them or to fetch them and I never heard of any complaints from them so I assumed that their stay had been perfect.

Host:                          Angelica T.
Accommodation:       Studio type condo unit - fully furnished
Rate:                          2,600.00 / per night for two (additional charge per pax may apply and
                                  price may vary from the date of this post.)

For less than, PHP 8,000.00 which is almost a hotel rate for a one day accommodation, we were able to stay at Eastwood City for three days with almost the same or even  more convenience than of those regular hotel rooms because of the kitchen where you can prepare your own food. Indeed, this is a very good alternative accommodation especially for those who are travelling in a group and budget travelers. We would definitely consider these kinds of accommodations on our future travels.


  1. I miss Eastwood! Never knew that Lafayette rate is way cheaper than I expected. Pwede na!

    1. Ayyy uu nga Ada :( its been a while. uu mas mura yung rates nila - next time pag nagbakasyon kayo ni hubby mo try nyo :).


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