Salagdoong Beach, Maria, Siquijor

One hour plane ride from Metro Manila and a couple of hours boat ride will take you to a paradise of beautiful beach and lovely people, of warm clear water and welcoming hearts. A happy place.

One the famous spot in this island is called Salagdoong Beach,  the image of this beach was the first photo of Siquijor that made me buy a ticket. The clear water and the white sand are very inviting plus their famous cliff jumping spot and slide that you'd surely wanted to see and maybe try. When looking at those photos I knew that it is a place that I must see and experience and it didn’t fail me.

At first, I planned to have our stay here but decided not, due to its accessibility. This beach is located around 30 minutes from the port area, the location is separated by a huge Molave forest and minutes from the main road making it secluded to public transport. If you are staying here it is very much suggested that you always have a contact vehicle. Although there are some tricycles that stays at the resort, there’s no guarantee that there is always one available for you.

Saladoong Beach is maintained by Salagdoong Beach Resort, staying at the beach part would only require you to pay for an entrance fee of 15.00Php and parking fee of I guess 40 for motor bikes and that’s it but of course it doesn't give you access to resort's amenities. You will also have a choice to rent a cottage to use in case you need a good place to sit or to place your things, we didn't get one as we arrive early and we have the shore all for ourselves, we placed our things just by the shore and rested with our beach towels.

The warm and clear water with Nemo's friends at the bottom is very indulging that we didn’t noticed we were there for four hours, dipping, swimming back and forth, catching up, laughing and having a moment separated from the world outside. It was a really good time, but since it was a weekend, few hours more and the guests started to pile up. We decided to pack up our things and went back to Tori's Backpacker's Inn.

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