Talipanan, Puerto Galera

Lately I’ve been craving for beach, white sand, some sun and a good skinny dip. My likings and plans are becoming quite unpredictable, maybe because I am scared to plan something that my job and studies can screw up which will leave me frustrated at the end. So instead, I just go for whatever time permits.

This month, I was granted with a vacation leave which means a long weekend for me. Originally, I the plan is to climb Mt. Pulag, but something (something that I was able to finish ahead) in school came in that I needed to back out. So the plan was cancelled and yet the long weekend is pushing through.

A day before Friday – start of my vacation, we phoned some of the resorts in Talipanan, Puerto Galera. Most of the numbers just rang and no answer. We were able to get through a contact number on the list, few rings and a middle aged woman picked up the phone. Her name was Margie - wife of Meng, the couple who owns Mengie’s Lodge where we were able to reserve a fan room for three nights.

Talipanan is a beach that caught my attention while browsing through some Instagram posts. The photo has an image of a light sand beach, it looks hushed and rustic. I checked the location and it shows Talipanan, it was my first time to hear the place so I have to take a snip of that photo and kept it until I got time to search the place information through the web.

Friday morning from work, we hurriedly packed our bags and off to Cubao to catch the Alps Bus near Ali Mall which is bound to Batangas Pier. Just as we alight the jeepney when we saw the bus coming and calling for passengers, so we immediately hop to catch the ride. It took roughly two hours and we are at the pier, welcomed by some shipping lines staffs offering tickets. We politely ignored them as we were told to take Gallerian Shipping as they are bound straight to Talipanan. But we were at the pier few hours after Gallerian Shipping’s last trip so we need to check for another shipping line that are bound for Talipanan and had Minolo Shipping Lines (MSL).

The waiting time was around 45minutes before we boarded the boat, heavy and thick clouds  is covering sky as the cold and strong winds blow – weather seems not so great for a beach time. For some reasons, I don’t have any plans of backing out so everything pushed through. After an hour or two of splashy and bumpy boat ride we docked at Muelle Pier and was transported by MSL’s free shuttle to Talipanan together with some European tourists which are bound to Aninuan.

Our first day was nothing apart from good food, nice view and long beach walk as the strong wind blowing the entire stretch of Aninuan and Talipanan. We ended up wishing for a better weather the next day and yes the weather during the next three days were far better.

The next day I planned to just lay down and relax. I guess I am starting to love lazing-by-the-sea so much, hearing the waves as it rolls to the shore and slips back to the blue and indulging the warm sun that keeps my cold body warm after a few minutes of skinny dipping. I particularly love resting my visions on the coconut trees as it sways with the wind as if cleaning the bright blue skies. Lying on the sand I thought I’ll take the trek to Tukuran Falls and experience the carabao cart ride the next day.

Quite unintentionally, I overslept and woke up late the next morning, thus I let Tukuran Falls tour pass. Day passes with exactly the same scene as the other day except for a good Italian dinner and some bottle of beer before bedtime. We spent most of our time at the end of Talipanan where Luca's Restaurant and in the middle of Aninuan and Talipanan where the rocky part is located same place where two huge rocks dividing the shore of both beach and leaving a space in between hidden from both sides. I was at a total peace that moment and I just perfected the art of enjoying the deep idleness.
This beach is indeed far from the vibes at the White Beach which I visited a few years ago. Here, it’s more quiet, no bar and loud party scene only restaurants where you could also enjoy some drinking and chatting moments. Tourists which are mostly foreigners were either sunbathing, snorkeling or going to or coming from a dive. To me who’s not keen to the crowd and in a tight budget, Talipanan is the perfect place to be. I’d surely won’t take hold of my lust to be back whenever it strikes me. Lovely place.


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