Where to stay in Koronadal City: Greenstate Suites

While my friend always refer their place as Marbel, google always return the name Koronadal City in all my searches. I too had some confusions about the two names worrying that I might have booked at the wrong place, thanks to some good sources. Both name refers to one City, in the past locals called the poblacion as Marbel from the B’laan word “Marb-EL” that means murky waters which refer to a river now named Marbel River; while Koronadal is believed to have originated from two B’laan words that natives used to describe their place, these words are “Koron” means Cogon grass and “Nadal” meaning plain.

Koronadal City has surprisingly good number of accommodations to choose from, we originally plan to stay at FB Hotel but they were booked for a cultural event on the same date of our trip so off we checked for another place. Greenstate Suites was from a friend’s suggestion, she mentioned that it was clean and reasonably priced which we’ve discovered true.

We only planned to stay here for one day but felt really comfortable that we extend until the second night. Price per night is at 750.00PHP for an air-conditioned double room with Hot and Cold shower. The room is furnished with luggage compartment with a small space where you could hung your clothes, towel, water, toiletries, mirror, intercom, WIFI and LCD Cable TV.

The place as you can see in the photo looks very tidy and well maintained. Mattresses are clean and amenities are fully functional. More to that are their very friendly and accommodating staff. Two thumbs up to this praiseworthy place which made our Koronodal City experience awesome.

Greenstate Suites Room Rates as of December 2015 

Ground Floor & Second Floor
              Double (1Bed) - 750.00PHP
              Twin (2Beds) - 850.00PHP
              Twin or Matrimonial - 950.00PHP
              Twin Matrimonial - 1,200.00PHP

Third Floor
              Double (1Bed) - 850.00PHP
              Triple Sharing (2Beds)- 1,200.00PHP
              Matrimonial - 950.00PHP

“Above rates may change without prior notice”

Greenstate Suites 
Arellano St. Koronadal City, South Cotabato 
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GreenstateSuites
Contact Number: (083) 228-5409
Mobile Number: 0921-642 7736

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