Burot Beach, Calatagan Batangas

Accessible beaches from Manila

Burot Beach is one of the most accessible beaches you could go to from Metro Manila. It took us about four hours to get there due to heavy traffic in Dasmariñas Cavite and a stop at Tagaytay where we took our lunch.

Past 1PM when we arrived at the entrance gate, we stopped at the guard house and our driver paid for something, we also signed a waiver affirming the full responsibility of our safety as we enter the premises. Then another few minutes to the shore, it was a very remote and quiet route that it made me think of an exciting day having a beach all for ourselves which was easily changed by the sight of the crowds as we arrived the site.

Right after settling our things in one of the bamboo cottages, I went around and took a stroll. It was a warm weekend and the salty wind makes me feel like its summer in early December. Burot beach is a beautiful place with wide shoreline where you could spend a relaxing dip or sunbathing. After a long and tiring day, you can indulge yourself with a good chat or perhaps a cold beer while enjoying the splendid sunset. Burot beach is facing west, hence its always a good place for sunset chasers like me.

Accessible beaches from Manila

Accessible beaches from Manila

Accessible beaches from Manila

Accessible beaches from Manila

I love the place, but I hate the crowd – the irresponsible ones. There were a lot of garbage that ruins the place, the bathrooms (mind me, it’s the girls bathrooms) are cluttered with mess, bowl has unflushed s**t and sanitary napkins were at every corner. I would like to think that I am just being “maarte”, but no, I guess not. I don’t mind sleeping in the most basic accommodation or bathing in a bamboo bathroom, it’s the kind of life that I have grown up with in the province. What I hate about are the those travelers that chase beauty and then ruin it. It was sad, I hope people who plans to travel should learn how take care of their own garbage first prior to hitting the road.

I wish I could end this post with a lighter note so I am leaving you with this magnificent shot I had of Burot sunset, one of my favorite travel snips.

Accessible beaches from Manila

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