Romantic Transfiguration Chapel of Caleruega - an inspiration

Everyone has their own sets of inspirations, and it’s nice to see how people could come up into something great and amazing out of it.

When I first had my class in fashion school, our first task was to create a mood board. Then we were taught about the techniques for selecting and using something to stimulate you to start creating a masterpiece.

Back then, I already knew that bridal gowns are my favorite, but I don’t have a lot to inspire me other than the trend and my bride’s liking. However, soon after the first wedding gown I've made I found something that I never thought would draw so much desire to create bridal gowns in the future. And, that inspiration are churches.

For some reasons, my travel musings would always include visiting churches. For example, I wanted to visit Spain and Italy, mainly because I wanted to see Basílica de la Sagrada Família and Domo Milano. I am stirred with the church’s facades, interior and ambiance that imagining my work worn on a wedding in those churches could give me some goosebumps.So whenever I found a beautiful church the first thing that will come to my mind is a wedding in that church with a bride wearing my piece.

In the Philippines, I am inspired by numbers of churches from different places, like the gothic century church called San Sebastian Basilica in Manila and the historical Santo Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church in Miagao, Iloilo.

Last year, I was able to cross out Calaruega Chapel from my list of what I call “churchspiration”. Thank you to my friend for entrusting her wedding gown to me, it was a huge pleasure.

 Caleruega Transfiguration Chapel or commonly called as Caleruega Church is famous for its charming view and romantic façade, this church is also in the list of most romantic churches in the Philippines. It is situated two hours away from Metro Manila and is one of the top wedding venue of choice for the couples around the province and neighboring locale hence booking this chapel for your wedding may require a year advance reservation.

Climbing the chapel from the entrance requires some steady knees as there’s a quite a number of stairs to pass, I was carried away by the view that time that I haven’t noticed how many flights it took me to get there. It’s as romantic & intimate as how it looks like in many of the photos you’ll see on the web. My first glance was pretty amazing, the cold weather, the pines and the romantic afternoon sunlight illuminating the entire place with shades of gold. I felt I too was getting married that day ha-ha.

Dream come true indeed, a perfect runway for a piece that deprived me of long decent sleep and rest days for three months. Seeing my muses walk down its aisle that was decorated with beautiful flowers and brighten by the warm smile of the bride and groom’s family is all I can ask for. At the end, it is excessively worth all the efforts.

"The aisle of the church
is my runway of choice."

The aisle of the church is my runway of choice. How about you? What are your inspirations?


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