GLOSS DESIGNER NAILSeastwood city, Fashion, Fun Escapes, nail art,eastwood city spa,GLOSS DESIGNER NAILSeastwood city, Fashion, Fun Escapes, nail art, eastwood cit spa

Last weekend I decided to make use of one gift check that I got from the office, it is 1500 worth of services in Gloss Nails & Body Spa in Eastwood City.

The place was generally great and has a spa like atmosphere. The first thing that caught my attention was the bright pink and yellow recliners, it is so bright for me and kind of distracting but I would say color is fine because it was really comfortable sitting on it. Zen music playing and sound of water fountains all over the place adds to the comfort of the place. Attendants dressed in uniforms that create a warmer, cozier and very meditative ambiance.

With my 1500 service I was given a wide variety of choices that confuses me so much – hard to choose one. The lady at the front desk suggested their body scrub with full body massage that would cost 1000.00 and Foot Therapy (P500 w/ pedicure) so I took them both as it just fit with the cost of my gift check.

First I had my Foot Therapy which almost takes me to my dreamland good thing they have magazines just right beside me, so it did keep me awake. After that the nail technician told me that we will do the pedicure after the scrub and body massage.

Entering the massage room feels a bit off because it is pretty small but then again it’s comforting and not so cold and that is enough to forgive the space. We started with the scrub and finally the massage where I eventually followed the lime lights. Gosh! It was very relaxing. The therapist just knows how to adjust the pressure of the massage without me even asking.

I end up saying that it was really such a gift, it completes my weekend and it makes me so happy and at the same time so hungry.

Next stop Dencio’s for tummy teasers!

PS: Gloss Nails & Body Spa is located at 2nd floor Eastwood City Walk just right in front of Benefit Salon.


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