How to get to Lake Agco - Mahomanoy Mountain Resort.

Lake Agco and Mahomanoy Mountain Resort is located at Barangay Ilomavis, Kidapawan City which is 2.5 hours away from Davao City via land travel. There are some options on how to get there and for a more convenient way you can take a jeep or most is to rent a van but that way is quite expensive. It would usually take about 45 minutes to travel from Kidapawan City via public utility jeeps or vans. To those who want to get a full thrill and adventure then you may want to take a habal- habal ride which is the fastest way to go to the resort; faster yes that is guaranteed at Php70-100.00 per person.

To be specific:
If you are from Davao City, Take a Van going to Kidapawan, the terminal is at SM or Gaisano Mall which will cost you 180.00Php.
As you arrive to kidapawan the simplest way to go is to have a tricycle take you to terminal going to Ilomavis that is if you are going to choose a jeepney or van ride. This way is the most comfortable; the downside of it is the waiting time for the vehicle get full may take quite long and the travel may take longer as well compared to riding a habal-habal.

If you are going to take a habal-habal then have a tricycle take you to "crossing barracks right across Iglesia ni Kristo church" tell the driver to drop you to a habal-habal terminal going to Ilomavis. Taking this way is more adventurous yet a bit uncomfty, you can feel the hit of the sun while inhaling all the dust. Down side is that if you look good and rich then you might be asked for a higher fare. Warning: this ride causes me leg pain. Piece of advice, have your sun glasses ready, use shawl and not a cap coz this ride is so furious that could pretty much blow your thing off your head, put on some sunblock if the sun is there and lastly hold tight to where ever you can hold and have a safe trip.

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