The Guns of Corregidor.

“With some 12,000 shells crashing onto the island every 24 hours, sleep for the exhausted defenders was virtually impossible.”
I saw the guns, they are huge! Huge and fearing to imagine how can one of these crush a life of its target.

With an estimated number of 66 batteries built with over hundreds of gun that were in place not including the calibers and riffles handed by the allied and defenders; all of which doesn’t only cost thousands of money but also thousands of lives.It is said to be the last breathing place of over 6,812 lives of allied forces and defenders of this Islands. Part of which is included to more or less 73,000 deaths in World War II.
After the noise of the war had subsided, it left us ruins and the guns with rust and powerless. A sometimes creepy place where all you can hear is the wave from the sea, the humming of the bird and whisper of the wind.

It was in 1945 when the Island of Corregidor made its strong part in World War II but these days were gone and all we have right now is a secluded place that pictures the bygone era of a bloody war.Were most have considered this place as common route for huge guns and ruins, camping and getaways; when it is being renown not by its gun and valor but to most by its haunted stories.

Though tourism had aroused over Corregidor, the government still manages to have this area secluded from residences, mainly to preserve this island for future generation and as a tourist destination. I am happy of the fact that after 2 years I was able to come back to this Island with the same place as is when I was here two years ago, this place which I consider to be the most relaxing and serene place to where I don’t have to deal with the crowd because all I have to do is to sit beside its history.

If something make me feel sad is the reality that there are only few of us who have known or even cared enough to get to know this island; for me this Island deserves more than just preserving or being known as a ghost hunting place and regular team building site, getaways or medium of good photos. This place deserves to be remembered not by the amazing look it has today but the greatness it did before.

This song reminds me of The guns of corregidor. Feel free to play it while checking the photos of the famouse guns of teh island.

Lyrics | 21 Guns lyrics

“These guns had armored the defenders of our pride and democracies, letting us leave and enjoy our current privileges.”

The Famouse two 12-inch Guns M1895 (#13 Bethlehem & #27 Watervliet) on Disappearing Carriages M1901 (#14 & #15 Watertown) Battery Crockett, Fort Mills, Corregidor Island, Philippines




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