My merry Christmas and Happy Birthday :)

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas. My christmas went so well and I am so greatful to have it celebrated with my two sisters after five years. This part of the year is one of my favorite despite the fact that its a bit exhausting.

I had a blast this Christmas and I felt so blessed and hope you also do the same.

Christmas tree.

A cute and yummy ginger bread.

Cool and precious presents; thanks to my lovely sisters for the bag.

Of course it's not only christmas but my birthday - so I have my cake. Thanks Jac!

Joyous hearts.

The food and eating time!

Those all good things were very wonderful to have especially when you share it to those people who you truely care and do the same for you. I am a hell of a low person, I don't need something extravagant and dfancy in this moment of the year; all I want is my family and our favorite food goes at the second coz at the end this is all about love. :)


  1. merry christmas and happy birthday! :) great photos!

  2. Merry Christmas!!!

  3. The best way to celebrate this holiday season is to be with our family! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Thank you for your comment <3 Following you Sweetheart! xoxo


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