Quick look back for 2011

We will be saying our sweet good bye to Year 2011 in two days from now; and I as a new born blogger is excited to have a year ender post like the traditional bloggers post. This year was special for me as I have done quite a lot of things that I never expected I could, just taking this blog as one of them.
Every frustrating thing may come out really productive – I mean to say that. My 2011 didn’t start that nice, well in fact this blog is out of my little frustration. It was first named as “I for fashion”. I won’t go that much on details – just a bit of everything for you; this blog was made to share my designs that I created for a scholarship I missed because of my busy job.
Senyorita lakwachera was born in July – July 9, 2011 if I am not mistaken. All fashion post at first – then I had attack by my little pet named Schizophrenia ha-ha that make me so confused and uncontrollably included travel post later another attack of confusions then I included food and dining experience. Now my blog is in total chaos! So I change the title from “I for Fashion” to “Senyorita Lakwachera” feeling that it would be more relevant to a lot more topics, like dressing up, eating out, traveling and so on.
To make some quick look back on my post – favorite ones here it is.
My fashion illustrations, these are the once that started it all.

tiger lily inspired dress
Traveling away from a stressful life of documents and emails.

Lake Agco

Corregidor Island
Food as a diversion away from getting drunk after office hours ;)

Waffle and wings

Banana Leaf
Random post – a little space for my hobbies.

DIY nativity scene.
This year’s achievements:
1.      This blog is an achievement for me!
2.      70 followers, is I guess awesome for a six month old blog.
3.      Manage to maintain positive vibes through blogging
4.      Owned A DSLR Camera

5.      Got my Brother Overclock machine which is a part of my wish list!
6.      Travelled to two of my dream local destination! Boracay and Cebu :)
All in all 2011 is a great year! Full of good things that is worth keeping and writing about. I am looking forward for another year of joyous and blissful blogging!
Keep the bloods of my blog goingJ. Support, follow and share.

Advance Happy New Year everyone!

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