Trying out Digital Lomography.

Hi everyone! been sitting here for couple of hours now just browsing through my photos taken by Jac when we were in Cebu, I am so inlove with the background like the old walls and doors. I feel like I'm in a different time, I posted my looks on my previous post with polaroid effect for a full vintage impressions. Earlier I thought that if those photos where perfect in polaroid then may be it would also be awesome with lomo.

I don't have a lomo camera but I have photoshop. So I made my first digital lomo photo; I am happy with what I saw after playing with photoshop but i guess I would be happier to see and experience a real lomo photo and have my lomo camera. :) Now I am looking for some lomo cameras and will test Holga 120N next week.

Lomo effect

Polaroid effect without the Polaroid frame.
So excited for whats next and by the way this is the original photo. I love this and is keeping the original for my personal scrapbook.


  1. Beautiful look. Love the sequined top!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Love the outfit.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Wow.. cool shots.. na may iba't ibang epek.. :) Happy new year po! ^_^

  4. hehe salamat zen :) pinaghirapan gamit ang photoshop :)

  5. happy new year :) and saya ko sa Ublog...kasi napaka kind ng members. loving it.

  6. Like your hoodie !Look so flippantly! Thanks for nice comment!



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