How to get there: Loreland Farm Resort

Not everyone has ample time to go for an out of town trip to chill. Most of us are looking for a more affordable options, considering those nearer places. Loreland can be your very good option.

Check my post for our Loreland experience and photos.

Check to have view of their The Hut Restaurant.

Loreland is located:

              Loreland Farm Resort is located at Sitio Loreland, Barangay San Roque, Antipolo City

Commuters Guide:

The best way I know is from Ortigas or Cubao. Take a jeepney ride going to Antipolo, before embarking on the jeepney be sure to ask if it will pass Unciano Hospital. When they say yes, be kind to ask them to drop you off.

Beside Unciano Hospital, you can see a lot of tricycle waiting for passengers. Take a ride going to Loreland, the travel time may take you 10-15 minutes depending on how fast the driver is; Loreland is located at the rearmost of the street.

NOTE: You may want to ask the trycicle driver for the fare to avoid paying higher than the regular fare. When we went there we paid Php70.00 and yet some blog post say that the ride cost them Php100.00.

Have a safe way ahead!


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