I got my own - guilty pleasure.

Hi blogger world! oh-my, it's been almost a month since I did my last post and I really missed this. Today I am about to go to bed when some friends of mine make me realized that I should share something. Okay, so those who already read and seen my blog before they would probably know or noticed how I love skirts. And, not just skirts but long skirts. It seems that I just can't stop admiring these pieces! Just see how our look book icons and fashion figures rock the ramp with their long skirt which are timeless.


So I have collected my inspirations and they are so random - I am not much into who or what the brands are , thought it really did matter a lot of times. Above is one on my favorite - I am sorry I forgot the name of that girl. I kept her photo because I really love the skirt and wish to grab if not create my own.


So fierce and cute! - you might be looking at the cut but take a look at her skirts it shares so much momentum with the cute kitten. I love the see-through look, sexy yet preserve. These see-through skirts is a striking trend and how I did wish I could have the first one print and accent to have the see-though or at least semi see through fabric perfectly like these.


So much to wish but I wouldn't want to stop looking for more like this cute chick floral maxi which obviously has a very soft and very light and cool fabric. Isn't it so amazing to be highly fashionable while enjoying so much comfort at the same time? Think going out of any possibility eh?


So that's the pint and the accent in a semi see through fabric which at the same time light and cool. What actually completes the package is the sartorial finishing. And when comes all then that describes the photo above - goes with the word "high street fashion".


So who amongst the the fashion icon aspirant wouldn't want to grab one, own one and look like them for once? Guilty pleasure that's it! I always hate that and despite that. Days can't go without me imagining owning or wearing those new looks in my feeds. Thought always comes like "I will surely look so good with this and that"; and that "her shoes would fit so well with the dress on the magazine". Hehe dreamer - but dream on anyway!


What I always believe is I can always dream and this photos will continuously inspires and eventually will make those dreams visible. So you think we should be careful with what we wish for - coz we might just get it all? ehehe - I am not a believer, but I always look for ways the farthest that I can. So one day I just got the fabric I am looking for. Fabric with an accent of my fave photo, its see though, its light and cool. And sequenced texture is a plus and so much that it really looks like my first inspiration its just that it has a heart prints instead of the polka-dots. But that is way so fair for me. So I grab the fabric and made my wish come true. Just how It exactly looks like in my imagination.

Waistline: 24-29
Length: 41
Fabric: sequenced soft chiffon
Modeled by my Sisy :)
And that's it - i had it done two months ago and I hope I could show you how I did - I will try to some DIY post next time. In the mean time if you like the skirt, I have one for me and a couple for you. Sorry, its' not for free -this blog needs little blood to leave too - so you can have one for Php. 350.00. I only have 9 of them as of today, so if you wish you can drop me a message on the comment section or add me on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2849848687471&set=a.2849841327287.118321.1297085412&type=3&theater) so you can send your personal message.

Hope you like it! xoxo-


  1. so pretty!! i really like to learn how to sew! :)

  2. beautiful maxi skirt!:) kisses!

  3. Beautiful photos! :) Wait... You saw me at the Zalora event? Why didn't you say hi? :(

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  4. humm i really need one of those prettys this summer!

  5. I love them maxi skirts too! Especially when it's see-through from the knee down (nothing too revealing for a commuter like me haha). They're very comfortable and I feel like twirling every time.

  6. LOVE it! :D now following your amazing blog (: Hope you can take the time to check out/follow my blog as well! <3

    Cindy C.

  7. so inspiring! nice collection! :)


  8. LOve it!


    Click here!

  9. Love long skirts!!
    Un kiss


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