Boracay's commuter's guide.

Searching for the best commuter's guide to Boracay had given me a bit hard time to find when we are planning our trip there. These days there are a lot of options on easy way getting to the island and a lot of them usually pertain to a comfortable ride offered by the resorts or tour agencies. If so, why need a commuter’s guide then?

Well it’s simply because those comfy offers really cost a lot compared to commuting. Now for those who need the guide then this is for you!

Upon arrival at Boracay-Caticlan airport and after getting your baggage, go straight ahead to the front. Once you are at the road walk a block to the right and you will see a terminal of tricycle. Ask them a ride to jetty port.

Tricycle ride to Jetty port would only take 8-15 minutes, once in the Jetty Port you will have to go to the left side of the main entrance, you will need to pay for Php50 for 3 pax as seen on the photo :)

For non-residence you will have to pay an environmental fee of Php75.00 and Php50.00 terminal fee which you will pay at the cashier on the right side of the port before entering.

You are now ready to take the Banka(boat) ride (Php25.00) going to the Island. The ride will only take another 10 -15 minutes depending on the weather and you should be at the Island by then.

The banka ducks at the jetty port situated in the north side of the Island, near station 3. Arriving at the port will immediately reveal a bunch of tricycles that can take you to the hotel.

Since our hotel is in station 1, we paid a 100 for both of us. (Special Price)- I am not sure how it cost but that's how much we pay.

Boracay Island to Caticlan:

This part is the one that give me quite a headache confirming schedules that eventually inspired me to write this guide.

From Boracay we are heading to Cebu City. we booked an early flight from Caticlan to Cebu, planning to arrive the city and catch early bus going to Santa Fe Port (North of Cebu) - way to Kota Beach. Or flight is scheduled at 7am. Jetty Port is open as early as 4 am. But, if you want to be very sure that you catch the earliest boat then be advice to be early as the volume of the passengers that may come first in the fort is unpredictable.

We went out of the hotel 4:30 am, a staff at the hotel assisted us to get a tricycle going to the port. This time the assistance of the very accommodating hotel staff is really a great help. Before 5am we were already at the line in the Jetty port. 5:00 AM sharp is the first trip. Due to the number of passengers that came first before us we had the second boat, but it’s fine as it only has a few minutes interval from the first boat.

We arrived at the Jetty port of Caticlan at around 5:30AM, that time we are worry free and confident that we will not be late for our flight. We arrived at the airport before 6:00AM and that was awesome. We still had time to grab our second cup of coffee for that day and even had the time to packed our stomach with breakfast.
Bottom line – early birds catches early boat.

Have a safe trip every one!


  1. Boracay is so wonderful place and a lot of fun of this place, with beautiful white beach.

    1. I can't agree more :) thanks for dropping by.

  2. i think di na safe yung bangka .. sana dun kayo sa main sumakay :)

    1. awww- saan po ba yung main? this trip was our first time in boracay. I would love to know about the other way - mind sharing it?

  3. Very detailed and informative. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Paano po pabalik?


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