St. Augustine Church and Bell tower ( Paoay Church)

St. Augustine Church commonly called as Paoay church built in 1694 and was completed in 1710. This church is well known of its age and unique architectural design combining Gothic, Baroque and Oriental accents, a prime example of Earthquake Baroque architecture. With its structure made by coral brick and 24 massive Buttress, this church gained its reputation to withstand destructive earthquakes like those of in the 17th and 18th century that destroys a lot of large structures. No wonder that it became a must see place in Ilocos.

24 massive Buttress
Paoay church doesn't only attracts religious followers of Roman Catholic; it equally attracts tourist, historians and evidently – photographers. 

Knowing that I am standing next to a church that made it to the UNESCO World Heritage List was already a great feeling.


St. Augustine Church Bell tower.

This bell tower unlike most of the churches was strategically built separate from the church to protect the entire structure in times of earthquakes from being smashed in case it falls down.

Reckoning the years passed from the time this was built filled me with so much amazement that this structure only seems to be painted by ages and was never scarred by disasters.

On the historical note – this bell tower was used as an observation post in 1896 by the Katipuneros during the Philippine revolution against the Spaniards, and again by the Filipino guerillas during the Japanese occupation in World War II. (
Inside Paoay Church


  1. hayyy... so many places to be proud of in the Philippines! :D

  2. what a stronghold this place is. two earthquakes. Thats incredible. So much history archived in here.Great Photos.


  3. Our hometown in Ilocos!! Too bad we weren't able to get a peek of the Church inside because there was a wedding going on when we went there :P


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